September 15, 2009

the 'na sahi' attitude

so what do u think of the 'na sahi' attitude??
would u want to adopt it as a full proof method of staying happy or do u think its just unhappiness in denial?
and then being brutally honest, when we say 'na sahi' do we really mean it too?

har gham har aansoo humein,
apna banana aa gaya...
har haal har daur mein,
humein muskurana aa gaya...
gham hain bhi toh rukna nahi,
jeena hain toh jhukna nahi...
yeh zindagi koi khushi,
ab na bhi de toh na sahi!!

i would love to have this attitude for everything in life..but im afraid i might just not be emotionally equipped to pull it off successfully at all times.

afterall we are practical but we are also human! :)


sri said...

Practicle or being human is tough choice sometimes, but letting go and surrendering to the moment helps most of the time :)

ash89 said...

i wish I could have that attitude too... would make life much simpler

rahul said...

ths na sahi attitude nvr happns in reality bcoz each n evryone of us live n die wth expectatns

Blog Boy said...

I loved following quotes,

"Gham hain bhi toh rukna nahi
Jeena hai toh Jhukna nahi"

well.. I dont have tht attitude on life..but nice to have it.

Varun said...

Socha na thha ki this will become one of my favorite movies! :-)

The AD-AT chemistry is too good!

N J said...

Just act the way ah feel like. But yeh... at times we gotta do lots of compromise.

Ankur said...

i guess i have learnt this art a lil!! ;) :D

n am sure u r good at it! :)
though i wish u dont have to do it!! :)

Tk Cr,

Nidz said...

I love all the songs of this movie. yeah i wish we all had this attitude to be cold whn eva be want adn nt get trapped in emotion.. Humans After all.
So whts up Pri??

rahul said...

the girl in ths video reminds me so much of u esp tht smile she sports when people are arnd,
i think u know what i m saying

Pratz said...

dont know abt the attitude but i love the song :)