February 09, 2010

and thats the way it is!

analgesics can help one mask the pain but only for a while....some pains are chronic and then there is a point when you realise that the analgesics you have been popping are no longer effective enough.

the same holds true for self consolation.

some wounds can never heal with time..they just form neverhealing ulcers which worsen as the days go by.

the same holds true for hurt feelings.

some flowers can never lose their fragrance...even after they wither, they still remain pressed in a book reminding us of their scent everytime we turn the pages.

the same holds true for sweet memories.

some castles can never stay permanent..the ones built on the shore, no matter how beautiful eventually do get washed away by the waves.

the same holds true for special relationships.

some moments can never be forgotten...they just remain in our mind and are never erased from our heart, bringing a sweet sense of nostalgia flooding in everytime we think of them.

the same holds true for people we love.

"sach hain ki dil toh dukha hain,
humne magar yeh socha hain,
dil ko hain dard kyon,
ankh hain nam kyon,
hona hi tha jo hua hain........"

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