April 10, 2011

its quite ironical, really!!

I have often often wondered what it is that makes some people give in to the temptation of narcotics.
Ive heard/seen them say that the drug gives them a strange sorta high---apparently, the rush which is experienced, feels liberating and the exhilarating feeling makes them see the world as a happy place!! (or so they say)

The sad truth here, is that often, these addicts are too delirious to ignore the fact that the drug is slowly killing them.The momentary pleasure they experience from those needle pricks makes them forget all about the misery that might lie ahead.

and that gets me thinking...
what about those people who have poison thrust upon them---not by choice but by a cruel joke played by destiny or perhaps...genetics??
those who cannot ignore the fact that there is poison already flowing in their system, the type that cannot be cleansed even by a hundred pricks..only controlled?
those who are reminded of this destiny-chosen-self-inflicted-pain every single minute of their lives, by the guilt of some half explained void?

Contrary to the self chosen narcotic induced euphoria, this type of undefeatable anguish is something which sucks out every ounce of joy there is or could be..
Trivial matters seem out of reach.
Simple dreams seem unattainable.
and life seems impossible to understand...

Health is something that is often abused by those who are lucky enough to be able to afford taking it for granted.
and then there those...the cursed ones...the ones with poison in their veins..

the difference is that, with every prick of the needle, the former gives in to this so-called 'happiness' and the latter, gives up on it!!


Vyankatesh said...

Indeed ironical.

Wish the people who at least have the ability to control the poison think logically and get away from the addiction.

And for the people for whom things are beyond their control, we can only hope and pray for their well being.

The Xeno said...

That is so true.
I know people who have had horrible childhoods in hostels where they became victims of child abuse and force drugs.
They themselves are good from the heart and if given a choice they would have stayed away from drugs, drinks, smoking and all that.
It is very complicated. I can never understand nor imagine what those people had to go through and how they feel. But i do get the feeling that they are somehow paralyzed by the "poison running through their blood."

Pri said...

@ the xeno
although i agree that the first part of the post is about drug (aka narcotic) addiction, i think you lost me somewhere in the middle of the post :)
here, 'poison through their veins' is just a metaphor for something much deeper in context to health & illness.

Sarah malik said...

ur last para sums it all..people dont realize that importance of wht they have...there is someone who pines for a thing but has a dearth of another and vice versa! its all abt cherishing ur blessings and accepting wht u havent been granted! after all , God has/should have blessed everyone equally :)