May 06, 2011

cryptic thoughts #28

There is this funny thing about 'change'----where not needed, it feels inevitable...and where needed, it seems impossible!!!


Nidhi.. said...

So true!! Going through one such impossible one :-(

Rambler said...

and unstoppable irrespective of needs and wants

Priyadarshini Joyce said...

completely btw dun use
Istock fotoz waat lagaa denge tumhaari :P

Pri said...

@ priyadarshini
why? whts the issue if i use istock pics?? i use them courtesy google..
& more importantly, as specified in the side column to the right of the page, i DONOT take credit for any pics/videos on my blog.
other than that, i am not aware of they still having some issues with it..
u faced some problem with istock photos???

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

LOL, true, so true.

Vyankatesh said...

Well said.

It's very true.