September 06, 2011

The 'Truth & dare' tag...

I was dared into taking up this tag, by a friend and fellow blogger.

And I thought, after all these years of being around, perhaps I owe my readers that much...

So go ahead---what would you like to know?

Now for the tagging part *evil laugh*
(The writer can choose to answer/ignore questions depending on his/her own choice.and both sides should remember to maintain the spirit of the game.)

Soooooooooo *rubbing hands with glee* I hereby tag---
---Blasphemous aesthete
---Priyadashini joyce
---Scribbling girl
---Pankaj verma
and last but not the least, whoever wants to take this up.

cheers! :)


Suree said...

ok... here is my question...

what should i ask you to put in a difficult situation to answer?

The question should be followed by answer

Misterio Vida said... thinking about what to ask...its like a fairy who would fulfill only one ...have to be careful :)

Priyadarshini Joyce said...

you ddn't tell me you tagged me :P

Okiee lemme ask you a simple one. so temme the name of any guy (from your friend list) who you have a crush on :P:P

Confused Soul said...

What is your biggest fear?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Akal badi ya bhains? :D

I might take it, I might not too, you see, I've never played that game before. :P

Blasphemous Aesthete

Pri said...

@ everyone
just to make this game interesting and also because i dont quite like giving straight answers, i will reply to you guys with a song :D

so here goes...

Pri said...

@ suree

(there you go---a list of not-so-easy questions..and well, the song has the answer as well! :D )


Pri said...

@ muhammad israr
socho socho..take your time :D

Pri said...

@ priya joyce
well, i was hoping you'd drop by and see the tag list for yourself (which i guess, you did eventually) :D for the answer---

(well, right now apun ka dil zidd pe nahi ada hai...but your question did make me!!) ;)

Pri said...

@ confused soul
well, thats a tough one...fear is something that cannot be measured and neither can it be singled out that easily...sigh!

but i guess this song says a lot, and perhaps in more than just what-meets-the-ear kinda love sick way :)

(ab tamanna ho dil mein koi, main tamanna hi karti nahi...)

Pri said...

@ blasphemous aesthete

just one thing to say---arre wah wah wah...arre wah wah wah :P

Vyankatesh said...

A surprise on a Sunday evening :)

As for the question, here it goes - What drives you to blog? :)

Express said...

question: Simple one:
Whats your favorite colour and why? :)

Anonymous said...

what according to you are the essentials of relationships?

Anish said...

whats happiness?
(jus wanted to know your def of a happy song!)

Pankaj Verma said...

One simple question:

What is the BEST thing in world according to you ??

Pri said...

@ vyankatesh
hmmm...the answer to your question :)

Pri said...

@ express


Pri said...

@ anonymous

(in no particular order)

it was tough finding an apt song for this thought of answering it clear cut instead :)

Pri said...

@ LOST!!!

jeena isi ka naam hai :)

Pri said...

@ pankaj
i guess your question itself had the answer in it :)

Janhvi said...

Ok, here's a question. (I just can't give up an opportunity to have fun).
Which is the question you most dreaded and why? (the 1 MOST dreaded). And giving the answer or not is your choice. :)