November 24, 2011

Two extra hours...

Two extra hours of much needed time;
To help at home, to bond with kin,
To smile, to hug, to share a laugh,
To apologise for the ass ive been...

To catch up with that angry friend,
To go ahead and speak my part,
To drop in and say hello,
To prove the 'tinman' has a heart...

Two extra hours of much needed time;

To read, to dance, to sing, to write,
To hang on to these little joys,
To fasten my grip and hold on tight...

To help that old man cross the road,
To invite him in for a cup of tea,
To read street kids a fairytale,
To show them a world they'd love to see...

Two extra hours of much needed time;

To say 'i love you' to my dad,
To hug my mom and speak my heart,
To open up like i never had...

To thank the almighty for his grace;
To seek his care and blessings divine,
To pray to him to show the way,
To hope he makes it all go fine...

To pause and play the times gone by,
To introspect and talk to life,
To forgive, forget and make ammends,
To try and resolve every strife...

Two extra hours of much needed time;
though much trouble it might not save,
but help carry it would for sure,
a lot less regrets to my grave...

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Writer's note: This started off as a topic for a Indiblogger Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart Contest.
but somewhere along the way, as i scribbled along---I don't know when and how, it turned out to be something a lot more than just that.

I wont say much---but there are delicate times when life goes off balance and we know that it's only with constant attention and persistent behaviour that it can fall back in place.
It's times like these that we realise our helplessness and wish we had a little extra time to try and fix things from falling apart, within and around us.

As for me, I guess I'm just thankful that this topic gave way to a lot of pent up feelings---writing this has been quite an emotional journey.


Anonymous said...

i am speechless!
its very deep and heart spoke whats in my heart.
i had tears in my eyes at the end of it.

God bless and lots of love

Animesh said...

Let me tell you that this is really one would do given two extra hours, honestly. Though two hours may be much less for what we all want to catch up with. Nice one, loved it.
Story in pieces

Pri said...

@ anonymous
thankyou for the kind words.
you take care too.

Pri said...

@ animesh
i amount of time is ever enough when it comes to catching up and reconnecting.

but neverthless, you cannot deny the fact that two extra hours in a day does feel like a strong ray of hope in that direction :)

Animesh said...

Yes they do. But we being human tend to do most during those hours and end up doing nothing :(

rm said...

so true.. the words.. touches the soul..

u dont need an hour
a smile.. a glance
silence.. laughter
will help u take
a little less
when u rest.

(simply jotted down.... u maybe doing much more..wishing u a happy life0

Deepak Karthik said...

Good luck for the contest :)
you have covered almost everything that you can possibly do with 2 hours !

niki said...

very beautifully put across.

its these small things that are most important.


Seema said...

very sweet...all the best for the contest.

Anukriti Sharma said...

I love the rhyme... the sing song way in which it is written really appealed to my senses.
"Two extra hours of much needed time;
to say 'i love you' to my dad,
to hug my mom and speak my heart,
to open up like i never had..."

What a beautifully penned poetry. All the very best dear!

Anish said...

a delusion of reprieve??
it helps though !

Pri said...

@ animesh
agreed albeit realisation is most important and hence the need for introspection, for someone to actually prioritise and take action.

all i can say is that i have realised what matters most to me...
and then again, i can but speak only for myself here! :)

trust me, introspection is the much needed step to gain focus...though trying to fix a little of everything is a good approach (its like 'ludo' throw the dice and move all four caps simultaneously until you reach 'home')

(and happy reflecting!!) :)

Pri said...

@ rm
thanks..wish you a good life as well (afterall, dont we all want one?) :)


Pri said...

@ deepak
well, its a short life deepak---you got to make most of what is given to you---albeit hypothetical the situation might be :)

stay happy and good luck to you as well!

Pri said...

@ niki
true that---its these small things that eventually make a big difference.
the conscience is indeed a powerful thing! :)

Pri said...

@ seema
thankyou :)

hope to see you around more often.

Pri said...

@ anukriti sharma
thanks anu...i made it a point to maintain the rhyme because killing it would only end up making the piece more melancholic---both for the reader and for me :)

thankyou for appreciating!

seeya around

Pri said...

@ lost!!!
well, writing is the responsibility of the writer...understanding, of the reader...

take care! :)

Tanz said...

Awesome,sweetheart.As always!

Unknown said...

very thought provoking, pri.

I held my breath for a while.

Pri said...

@ tanz
thankyou :)


Pri said...

@ marita
im really flattered...thankyou! :)

Danusia Jurandówna said...

It is very philosophical poem. I like it!

I am not pity of my time that I spent on reading it.

Mickens said...

@ anonymous thankyou for the kind words. you take care too.