December 15, 2011

The treadmill called 'life'

It's funny how small day to day events can sometimes make you introspect about the deeper aspects of life. Well it's getting a little common with me nowadays though. Everything from non-laundered clothes to messy rooms have started showing signs of a deeper philosophy which prevents me from clearing or making any changes, lest the philosophy vanishes and I'm left with an ordinary, mediocre, non analytical bend mind---my explanation for what others might consider just an ultra lazy attitude of a chronic procrastinator.
err..its a different thing that not many buy my story..but nevertheless I'm sticking to it! *grins nervously*

Now without further digressing, let me narrate the life changing incident which brought about this sudden flash of brilliance.
*points to the halo of enlightenment on her head and goes into flashback mode*

Like any other bright and happy day, I was lazying around at home thinking of new ways of wasting time when I suddenly thought I should work out a little (with the festive season just around the corner, I would need to make space for the goodies I'm going to stuff myself with, or so I chided myself)
So with songs of yester years playing in my Ipod, I got lost in a sweet little dream world of my own when the tread mill I was working out on, suddenly came to a halt with a crazy (in-a-life-threatening-kinda-way) jolt!

As the whole world started reeling in front of my eyes, I somehow gained control of my self by clasping tightly onto the sidebars for dear life and stepped off it.phew!!!!!

Cursing the power failure that caused the sudden catastrophe, I tried to regain my normal composure--but in vain.
My heart rate felt like it was competing in a marathon..the color had drained off my face and in one small moment, I had experienced one of worst panic attacks of my life..

But then this incident left me pondering on it long after, and I couldn't help relating the whole episode to life.

Life too is somewhat like a treadmill isn't it?

---You keep running and running exhausting yourself out. But at the end, you realize you are right where you started-full circle!

---The point of all the exercise (read 'effort') is not that its going to lead you somewhere, but that it is going to change you into a more fit and healthier individual..

---Sometimes there can be a sudden power failure, and if you are not equipped with a crisis-management-auto-power-setup, it is most likely that you suffer a sudden jolt just like I did..sigh!
Likewise, life also has a few rude surprises along the way.the challenge lies in facing them and then leaving them behind and moving on.

---If you start speeding up too quickly, it will only end up tiring you faster. The same logic holds true when you are ending your session.

---Warming up before a treadmill session always betters your capacity.your body needs to have an idea what you are preparing it for.
In life, we are not always guaranteed warm-ups. But when we are, we should make it a point never to miss them..Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

----Last but not the least, the most striking similarity. Life just like the treadmill, does not give immediate results. Hence, patience and perseverance is the key.

Being human, we always crave for fast results. We give up a little too early if our unrealistic goals are not reached. The tread mill is a constant reminder that it's a long life and we got to keep going even though it might often seem that we are not getting anywhere..

At the end of it all, we are here to enjoy the workout and feel good about ourselves.

cheers and keep smiling!!! :)


Deepak Karthik said...

Post title is damn true and good selection,expression :)

Deepak Karthik said...

Post title is damn true and good selection,expression :)

Lady Whispers said...

wow what a link :)
Deep philosopher u made me feel so good somehow :)

Perfect way to see life in :)

P.S. I hope u got the message in inbox to know who i am ;-)

:-Dee said...

Creative comparison and I like how you've included the little bits too!! Yup life is a journey not a destination.. lets enjoy it while we are here!!! Nice post Pri! Inspiring!! :)

Saru Singhal said...

WOW, never thought like that and it is indeed very true. Small things can mean a lot if we ponder a little.

Thanks for sharing the words of wisdom!

Maliny said...

deep and evocative ! share your thoughts on life . . it always does us good to take some time off to introspect

Vyankatesh said...

Loved the analogy, especially the last one!!

Kunal said...

kya baat hai...dhoom macha dega ye philosophy to kisi ke life mein....

treadmill stopped due to sudden power failure ...and so many lessons in life came to your head.


A timely power failure, I say. :P

Pri said...

@ deepak karthik
thankyou :)

Pri said...

@ lady whispers
yups..gotcha! :)
thanks for staying around..will visit your new place soon enough.

Pri said...

@ dee
true, life is indeed a journey and i guess its best travelled without a road map.
that way we arnt in a hurry and wouldnt lose out on all the pretty sights along the way :)

Pri said...

@ saru
the pleasure is all mine.
life's lessons are lurking around every corner---we just got to stop and take notice :)

Pri said...

@ maliny
im glad you think that way.ive been reflecting on life from as long as i can remember---not that it helps much but yes, it does make you believe you know it a little :D

Pri said...

vyankatesh glad it made you stop and reflect :)

Pri said...

@ kunal
bade bade dimaago mein aise chhote mote toofan hote rehte hai ;p

waise, thankyou! (psst! pray that the next 'impressive' thought does not need a power failure jolt to jump start it..sigh!)