January 02, 2012

Hello 2012

♫ ♫ ♫ "Choti baaten...
Choti choti baaton ki hai yaadein bani,
Bhoole nahin beeti hui ek choti ghadi,
Janam janam se, aankhen bichaaye,
tere liye in rahon mein...♫ ♫

There are dreams from the past we wish we could just pick up and get into the present.
There are friendships cherished and tears shared.
There are stories lived and moments cherished.
There are realisations dawned and lessons valued.

No matter how far we move ahead, there are memories we might have to put behind us but can never let go...

Cheers to another round of 365 days.
Cheers to another chance at life.



Pankaj Verma said...

Happy New Year to u too :)

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

Happy New Year.. may it be better than the last..

Phoenix said...

Happy new year!! :)

loved the post :) made me smile!!

Lady Whispers said...

Happy New Year sweetheart :)
And I loved the image u used in end ....so true...we have just one life...keep it simple :)

Pri said...

@ pankaj
thanks pankaj..wish you a very happy new year too :)

Pri said...

@ Dr R
thanks rosh and wish you the same :)

Pri said...

@ phoenix
im glad it did :)
wish you a happy 2012 too!

Pri said...

@ lady whispers
a little tough to follow at times, but we can always try :)

wish you a very happy year ahead!