January 04, 2012

Moody 'water' colors...

Whispering clouds and thundering skies,
lightening dazzles the night so shy,
as I wander lonely on the street,
I notice people around me scurrying by...

The pitter-patter of these drops of rain
The scent of the earth much divine
The musical sway of leaves on trees
Wild flowers with a freshness that shines...

I meet a girl with olive skin,
with a smile that does not meet the eye,
a deep sadness she must harbour there,
her heart seems burdened by a lie...

In silence as I watch her restrain,
I wonder how she hides her pain,
and then it dawns on me--she is trying,
but in the rain, who can see her crying?

Next, I meet a man complaining,
who frets and sulks because its raining,
talks about the muck and mud,
like an angry cow chews cud...

I notice his shirt---its dirty now,
a car has splashed a puddle somehow,
his mood is foul, his anger fair,
it's raining, but he does not care...

As I walk by another lane,
I see a man with his lady love,
sheltering her from the lashing wind,
a match made by the heavens above...

Dancing and jumping mad with glee,
soaking wet and drenched insane,
I greet them, children of innocent age,
oblivious to worry or worldy gain...

Someone trying to hide his pain,
someone revealing his disdain,
sometimes a blessing, for some a bane,
it's a wave of magic---this January rain!


Writers note: There was a sudden downpour in my head, and as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow rightfully said, "The best thing one can do when its raining is to let it rain" ;)



Elixir of life (dr_nidhi) said...

A refreshing array of words...liked it !!

Elixir of life (dr_nidhi) said...

nice and refreshing post!!

Richa said...

Beautifully written! :)

Ayushi said...

Rain always brings the best out of poets :)
Extremely beautiful Pri :)

anatreek said...

aah this january rain!..but its not raining here!

Vyankatesh said...

Beautifully crafted!!

Anonymous said...

Nice downpour of those 'misty' words.........very well written.
Thanks for sharing.

Lady Whispers said...

wow what a beautiful poem :)
Magical :) and u made my day darling :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

And here I am, waiting for them to drop by here too :)

Send a few clouds this way too doc.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Pri said...

@ elixir of life
thankyou :)

Pri said...

@ richa
gracias! :)

Pri said...

@ serendipity
thanks dear..i think rain brings out the best in everyone---poets and non poets alike ;)

Pri said...

@ ana treek
ummm...you want me to send some?
frankly, it just drizzled for a day.but caused quite a downpour in my head :D

Pri said...

@ vyankatesh
danke! long time :)

Pri said...

@ anonymous
always a pleasure :)

Pri said...

@ lady whispers
im flattered i did :)

Pri said...

@ anshul
okies...on their way! ;-)

Kunal said...

One of the best I have read on rains..and its effect on people...and this January rain definitely showered some blessing on to you.. :-)

The last verse sums it up perfectly.. :-)

Thank you and Good Luck for rest of the year..

mk said...

beautifully written...loved those rhymes...keep penning :)