February 16, 2012

In wax and stone lies a story known...

"I cannot take it anymore.You are selfish and cold and will never understand my love," cried the wax statue as it melted into a hot pool of droplets.

Its stone counterpart stared in silence as the world around mocked at it being so unyielding to emotions. As it was kicked around with scornful words and hurtful taunts, nobody noticed it was slowly getting chipped---the heartless one was made of stone after all, they thought.

As time went by, the winds of change blew again. The wax statue was remodeled into an exquisite design once again, by the artistic hands of a talented craftsman. Being made of wax, it molded itsself smoothly to the flame of love and passion, and soon enough the world was captivated by its breath taking beauty.

The stone sculpture that once was, however refused to adapt to the breeze of love---for it had already known its brunt.
Being made of stone, it had silently stepped into remorse and self destruction---neither uttering a cry nor offering any explanation, the grief gnawed its way to reach its core. So disintegrated became its personality, that no artist in the world could change it into anything akin to its original self, leave alone something better. The flame of love and passion could only make it hold its self for a while---always until old memories swept in and then it would crumble again to bits, taking down unexpressed hopes and hearts along with it.

The hurtful words of a loved one had slowly chipped it off its strength and splendor.The isolation from someone it considered no different than its own self had eaten away the very essence of its existence, which was once the very reason it stood proud and tall.
The misunderstanding had chiseled out an abyss of pain beneath its tough exterior.

While the wax statue was surrounded by applause and accolades, its stone counterpart had transmogrified into a good-for-nothing pile of grit confined to one end of a dilapidated construction site.
Soon the quarry workers would decide its future.But either way it was doomed.

However, there lied a strange kind of solace.
At least now, no one was complaining...


Aabha Vatsa said...

Simply beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

awesome writing.luv yr blog

VNP said...

words carved on stone, take time to set but are permanent. words written in wax, are an imprint only until the next passion comes through.. Guess I like the stone better!

An eclectic composition!

Ugich Konitari said...

every stone statue
that stands
getting eroded
wordy deeds
katabolic acts,
is a soft nucleus
flooded lachrymally.

It just takes
a long long time
to reach it.

All around,
reincarnations in wax
sculpt visions,
manic swinging between
tearful melts
new lives.

It takes
a shuddering shaking
and quaking
in the depths
of the earth,
for both to realize
they are ,
at the end of the day
a little bit of each other,
and beholden
to the same roots...

Tanz said...

LOVED IT!Lucid thoughts put into words,effortlessly!

umashankar said...

That was touching. That, you could make it so real comparing wax and stone, is a tribute to your art.

Pri said...

@ Aabha
Thankyou :)

Pri said...

@ Anonymous
I am flattered! :)

Pri said...

@ Vicky Dada
Righto!!! You nailed it :)

Thanks for being around everytime I write something new.It means a lot to me.

Pri said...

@ Ugich Konitari
My prose in your poetry---what a magical idea.
Its beautiful, the way you write.I am a big fan of your poetic compositions! :)

Pri said...

@ Tanz
Thanks dear.Its been a long time since you dropped by here.
Its always a pleasure to know you are reading ;)

Pri said...

@ Umashankar
Thankyou so much.What better compliment can a writer receive? :)

Welcome to my 'nostalgic moments'.

Unknown said...


I think I'm like the stone statue, and to be honest, I always thought that was the better way. But you put things in a different light for me. I thought weakness was a bad thing. But I could be a wax statue, too. It wouldn't be so bad. Thank you, Pri.

Pri said...

@ Marita Abraham
Its not always what meets the eye, you know.
I am glad I could make you think differently about it :)

Thanks for being around!

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Unknown said...

Simply beautiful.. thats all! :)