March 05, 2012

The acid test

In the middle ages, there used to be a very popular technique to access the value of gold.
Since gold, unlike all other metals was particularly resistant to digestion with almost all acids, the application of acid to a substance suspected of being gold confirmed its genuineness.

On a deeper note, we all go through some such tests in life whereby our genuineness and trust is tested.
Sometimes, the test is to test our strength and endurance to a particular situation.

We promise to count on each other---life is built on a silent yet strong faith.

Count on one another we do.But as we seek the much needed comfort in each other's soothing words, little do we notice that our relationship is being tested only in fine weather.

...until one stormy day, sharp words carve their way into what we had considered a life long bond, snapping it into two and making us realize that perhaps it was just for a season that things were meant to last.

...that perhaps the connection we shared was never strong enough to survive the startling cold of an unexpected winter.

...and that perhaps we failed the one most important test of all relationships---the acid test!!!


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Thats so very true!
Beautifully put :')

Brajmohan Kumar said...

Can't disagree. We must pass these acid tests in our life.

Ugich Konitari said...

The acid
is like a teacher;

Sometimes lovable,
sometimes intimidating,
sometimes cursed.

unlike us
she knows
about different golds.

There are
the purest ones,
unchanged in acid,
regardless of
weather fluctuations...

Then the
22 and 18 karat folks,
who absorb some
presumed sins,
in the interests
of being tough
in rough times...

And then again,
the 14 and 10 karatwalaas,
open to the world
and all its
doubtful additive ideas
in an effort to be the toughest.

The most impure
get the worst treatment
from the Acid teacher,
sizzled in scar tissue.

Its a strength
of test, endurance and learning,
as the gold
can always learn
new lessons
in increasing purity.

It doesn't mean it failed the test.

It simply means
that it is
learning about life
and hopes to adorn some
wonderful lives
come spring....

VNP said...

Does it mean you are available?

Ha ha.. Jokes apart. You know what? I think 'Relationships' itself is an acid test for 'Life'. Once the acids are poured and their effect is gone, the real golden shine of Life will come through.

Hope you find strength..