August 31, 2013

The lamb and the wolf

Once upon an equal time, 
there lived a lamb in its prime. 
Young and naive and frail was she, 
like a delicate harmony. 
And in the forest not so far, 
lived a wolf as black as tar. 
Conniving, cold and smart was he, 
lived his life both loose and free. 
Once while wandering here and there, 
the innocent lamb entered his lair. 
The wolf surprised at the lamb so brave, 
was impressed when she reached his cave. 
Staring into his demonic eye, 
the little lamb didn't flinch nor cry. 
Unlike all creatures she wasn't scared, 
to befriend the wolf she had dared. 
The forest animals were perplexed, 
at the friendship so complex. 
They shuddered and gossiped without a sound, 
while the wolf and lamb would strut around. 
They groaned and moaned it wouldn't last, 
but the kinship proved them wrong and fast. 
Until one day, the grapevine spoke, 
"We cannot allow this blasphemous stroke. 
Something needs to be done to part, 
and drive these two friends apart. 
Its against nature don't you see, 
a lamb and wolf are no company." 
Packs of wolves schemed and plotted, 
to save their brethren from being spotted. 
The lamb in question so demure and mild, 
couldn't be mate to a creature of the wild. 
Never has it happened as of date, 
that a meal like her had escaped their plate. 
Together got the squirrels, butterflies and birds, 
the sambars, elks and gazelles in herds, 
went up to the lamb in an assembly neat, 
to snatch the ground from beneath her feet... 
 'Oh stupid creature, dont you know?
It's all a plan---evil and slow... 
That's just an act the wolf is playing, 
while in his dream, its you he's slaying." 
The lamb let out an angry bleat, 
her friendship no one could defeat. 
She refused to budge, her trust undeterred, 
while the exhausted others felt patience frittered. 
The wolf too wouldn't hear a word, 
his scheming friends went all unheard. 
And as the wolf and lamb stood strong, 
the forest felt a gloom so wrong. 
As time flew by with great elan, 
Ms Busy Bee came up with a plan... 
She whispered to the lamb anew, 
"I think the wolf is in love with you..." 
Shell shocked the lamb in silence stared, 
while the wise old bee further bared... 
"We knew it was futile from the very start, 
wicked creature, you are breaking his heart..." 
The lamb denied with tear filled eyes, 
but she found her heart believing these lies... 
"Some rules, my dear can never bend, 
no one can ever on just love depend..." 
The bee then whispered the same news flash, 
to the wolf whose heart it crashed. 
The lamb, his friend she had always been, 
could her love have gone so unseen? 
Both lamb and wolf drowned in despair, 
each wondering whether it wasn't fair, 
to cause such heart break to the other,
they stopped talking any further... 
Started avoiding each other they, 
neither would any reason say, 
while the forest animals danced with glee, 
and clinked their glasses with the bumblebee. 
Now when the lamb and wolf crossed paths, 
to the jungle market or river bath, 
each merely offered a cursory glance, 
a guilty betrayal that stood no chance... 
Thus the wolf and the lamb met a sorry plight, 
but to everyone's delight, 
life would follow the same old trends, 
A wolf and a lamb would never be friends!!! 
Writer's note: This was a satirical take on society and how it is perfectly capable of manipulating the most unadulterated relationships so that we never manage to emerge out of the rigid cast of stereotypes it has created. I hope you enjoyed reading it!


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you want to put across, But at the same time I would say, Beauty lies in Simplicity :) ... All I mean is..Simpler you write Clearer the message ...

you have great Vocabulary, but the audience to it isntthat great,.... Buddha Changed his Languge to Common mans language "Pali" so that he can communicate what he said to a Larger Audience

rest I am always a Fan of how you think & What you Think... Keep ur Blog Wet Always

A Fan

A Germ :)

nikita said...

Wonderfully written...I loved every bit of it :-)

Sarah malik said...

loved the flow and so many hidden words of wisdom in between. you write very well pri...good job :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


All I can do is smile, and perhaps, share. This is wonderful!

Blasphemous Aesthete

Wings of Harmony said...

This is such a lovely take on the wolf and the lamb story! Lovely! :) Keep Writing!! :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

simply superb..
the flow, the rhyme

so sad to see so many relationships destroyed by nothing but some trivial misunderstandings

Vaisakhi said...

amazing poem!!! beautifully written, loved the flow...message crystal clear...loved it!...BA shared it on fb n i m glad he did tat...:)

Vagabond said...

Beautiful piece :) has been so long since I've read such a simple, clear flowing poem. You've out the frills of the language made it sleek & elegant.
Your message comes right through!

simple and clean. very effective.

Pri said...

@ Anonymous aka Mr Kitanu
Thanks for the input and for the kind words as well :)
However, I think you are underestimating my readers a little...besides, I refuse to believe that my blog is too complex to understand (though I must say, I do take that as a compliment as well...yes, I'm weird like
Writing to me, is about putting across a simple thought in an interesting way...and if I don't succeed in doing that, I will only try harder :)

Pri said...

@ Nikita
Thanks dear. I am so glad you liked it :)

Pri said...

@ Sarah
Thank you Sarah. It is indeed rewarding when the reader recognises what exactly the writer has in mind while penning down a piece :)

Pri said...

@ BA
Thanks so much for the appreciation :)

Pri said...

@ wings of harmony
Gracias! :)
Btw, I'm there really an original 'wolf and lamb' story???

Pri said...

@ Jyoti
Bang on! You nailed it girl, that's what the whole piece was about...deliberate rifts caused by society to destroy the uniqueness of a relationship, thus keeping age old stereotypes alive...
Thanks for reading me :)

Pri said...

I'm glad he did that too...
Thanks to him, you stumbled onto my blog...and thanks to you, I'm on cloud 9 at the moment :D

Pri said...

@ vagabond
Hello there! Meeting after long, arn't we? :)

Thanks for the kind words...