October 05, 2013

Knock knock

For all those who haven't yet noticed the small window popping up in the right hand side column of the blog, and for all those who have forgotten or think I am joking, Nostalgic Moments really has a facebook page. I swear its true :-|

Here, check it out for yourself!!!


Ahem...now that you have joined me on facebook as well, yours truly can continue to haunt you with updates, cryptic messages and lots more. *evil laugh*

But like I always say, life is one hell of a journey...lets make it a fun trip by travelling together :)

Cheers and love!


kalpana solsi said...

very innovative Pri.

Anonymous said...

You know how to drag your readers along this travelling path......you are a fun and witty travelling companion :)

Pri said...

@ Kalpana
Thanks Kalpana. Have you joined me yet? :)

Pri said...

@ anonymous
Thanks...I'm flattered :)