November 05, 2014

Quote #2 from 'Twists Of Fate'

Hey guys,
Do you remember the childhood games we used to play? Snakes & Ladders, Hide & Seek, Chinese Whispers...we have so much fun playing these as kids.
And then we grow up, and all these games change meaning!
At times we have to befriend a few 'snakes' to climb a few 'ladders'...
Sometimes we hide and wait to see who will come searching...
Chinese whispers, the game we played in school, changes into a more dangerous game in society...
Sharvari, Pari, and Nandini are finally tell their story!

You can now order your copy at Flipkart:
Also available at and Infibeam.

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As a part of the blog world for the last so many years, I hope I have the support of all you past, present and future residents of BlogVille. :)
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