March 20, 2015

A year long affair

I remember you in pulls and tugs,
in random kisses, in waves and hugs,
in coffee mugs and cutting chai,
in every hello and each goodbye...
To my lips, a smile these bring,
But my heart refuses to heed and sing...

With January carrying a chilly breeze,
and the month of love being such a tease,
March-April saw both as proud and vain,
May & June as soaked in strawberry rain,
July-August went by so quick,
Came September-October with Cupid's trick,
November heard what we couldn't tell,
December brought in that sweet farewell...

'Our year' we called it, you and me,
But perhaps it just wasn't meant to be...
A bit of us still lives today,
a memory to be cherished and made to stay,
Friendship or love,  we couldn't decide,
But in our lives, it will reside...
Miles away yet close at heart,
forever together yet always apart...

Author's note:
I allowed my heart zip and zoom on paper, and it ended up creating this above piece. I couldn't help but smile on reading it, and so decided to post the unedited draft up here. Pretty immature it might seem, but some memories are best kept that way...

Titles, however, might not always be as short lived as they sound! :)


Unknown said...

Loved it! :)

Anonymous said...

This looks to be so well thought of, may be you have this innate skill.

You brought smile to me as well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lines... loved them :)

Pri said...

@ Kavitha K.G
Thanks dear. It's been a long time since I heard from you :)

Pri said...

@ singhalalok
Thanks Alok. I guess the heart did that bit of thinking this time :)

Pri said...

@ Archana
Thank you, Archana. Hope to see you around more often :)