June 12, 2015

Palm fiction--Combo pack

Hi folks,

Here I am presenting to you three short and totally unconnected pieces of fiction to make up for the irregularity in posting over the last one month. I hope to be more regular hereafter. So enjoy this combo pack till then.



"Will it hurt?" she asked him, jittery with nervousness and excitement. This was her first time.
"A little initially," he smiled and petted her trembling hand. Her palms were getting sweaty. She was only seventeen.She thought of her parents back home....what would they think? For a moment, she appeared unsure.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked slightly impatient now.

"Yes, never been surer," she mustered up all her courage and declared, and proceeded to lie on his couch.

It did hurt a little, but nothing she could not bear. She felt like a woman---strong, invincible. The experience was exhilarating...liberating...and at the end of it, she was so pleased that she was even ready to do it all over again.

That morning, she walked out of the tattoo parlor, beaming with joy, ready to flaunt her very first tattoo.

Yes, she'd finally got inked!

He slid a ring into my finger; 24 carat with a french cut solitaire. As years went by, the ring on my finger started shrinking just like our relationship, until a point of utter discomfort.

Not many realized why we split over it. He had wanted me to wear it in a chain in my neck, while I was yearning to string it in a friendship bracelet on my wrist.

We had been searching for different things, and we had understood that a solitaire could not help us.


It was an old habit of mine...one that I enjoyed since childhood. I loved building castles in the air. When I grew up, I studied architecture. My castles grew bigger, grander, more beautiful. They never failed to mystify people. Many would mistake them for strong structures of brick and stone. Some were even fooled into renting a room for a day or two. They enjoyed the view, and when they left, they did so with regret.

I kept building castles in the air..in mid suspension...at increasing heights. .Until one day, I met a girl who was perfect for me in every way...all except one, she had acrophobia..
Now I can no longer enjoy the view from the top. I have exchanged my dreams for a beautiful reality that is far more permanent. 

People say love has made me a wiser man.

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