August 30, 2015

C for 'Chimera'

Those who knew her claimed it was the uncertainty that she was in love with...

She could not single out any trait she adored him for. She was impressed with his versatility; her endless pursuit of the perfect amalgamation of attributes she so desired had almost come to an end...or so she believed.

The blend of contrasting qualities was as perplexing as was alluring. He was the perfect representation of power. Self-righteousness, determination, grit were some of his best qualities. A deep sense of pride for being a self made man, a majestic fervor, blue-blooded aggressiveness and a fierce unbridled passion only managed to increase his appeal.
However, the world has always been witness to varied hues of human nature. His fluctuating temperament was perhaps just one mixed-up shade. It was as if he possessed different sets of DNA inside him, exhibiting a splay of multiple conflicting personalities on the outside---a fine combination of malevolence and benevolence.
The diametrically opposite sensitive side proved just that. He could be quite the emotional fool at times. Mild mannered, passive and completely vulnerable to emotions, this subservient side stood entirely juxtaposed to the brazen king she otherwise saw him for.

However, the paradox would not end there. She would be stunned by the shrewdness of his conniving mind. They said nobody could survive his bite; it was akin to that of a serpent. She had witnessed the spewing of venom, the scheming mind at work. Apprentice to the devil himself, he knew exactly how to maneuver victory in his favor. That was the side she feared most; nobody could read his mind then. Nobody, no matter how close, was privy to his serpentine intentions.

He was a parody of errors, a prodigal being. He was a chest of secrets, a contradiction of sorts. Simba, Billy and Viper all rolled in one.

She could not comprehend her own emotions when it came to him. What was it that she felt for him really---admiration, empathy, fear? Was he a hero she had grown to worship or a monster she had started to feel afraid of? Was he the truth that reigned supreme or an incredulous lie she was trying to believe in?

The secret continued forever. Nobody could ever see him the way she did.  Who can confirm the stories behind the mystic, the occult, and the unseen anyway?

Some guess he was a muse she had fallen in love with.
Others call him her inspiration, the reason behind her philosophy, the lyrics to her song, the color of her soul, the fruit of a blessing, the power of a curse.
Some call him a sin she could not resist. Others say he was a dream she never woke up from, a phantom who broke her heart, a husband she had once idolized, an over-familiar friend. .
Those who knew her claimed it must have been the uncertainty that she was in love with---the ambiguity of her fantasy...the enigma of a chimera called 'love'. 


Writers note: 
For those who think this piece was a bit cryptic, I'd take this opportunity to explain the thought that triggered it.
A 'Chimera' (as per Greek mythology) is supposed to a fire breathing monster composed of parts of more than one animal (usually a lion, a goat and a snake). The term is used in literature to describe something widely imaginative.
The above piece speaks mainly of a lover 'She' is totally enamored by, insanely passionate about, completely overwhelmed with the idea of.
Slowly but surely, the lines open up and you realize that perhaps 'He' is someone she has made up in her mind. His attributes (even the unattractive ones) are the characteristics she has always wanted in her dream man. a fantasy that she harbours. Perhaps he is just a normal man, a flawed mortal. But she places him on a pedestal, elevates him to a celestial level. No matter how absurd it might seem to others, to her, he is perfect, flawless, supreme. Come to think of it, isn't that what we often imagine our love to be---an amalgamation of all the qualities we secretly and not so secretly desire? So she dreams of him being powerful yet equally gentle, sinister yet mysteriously attractive.
The lines in italic font are deliberately directed towards the chimerical quality of the lover that she has made up largely from her imagination.
The secret continues because nobody else can ever view him in the way she does, something that every one in love will be able to relate to or realize in retrospect. After all, isn't love exactly exaggerated day dream, a wild imagining, an unforgettable chimera?

C for 'Chimera' is the third post in the 'A-Z Series' of posts, a chain of articles written by me on topics starting with each alphabet of the English language. Read back and forth for the other posts, and please feel free to contribute your thoughts on the subject :)

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