March 02, 2018

Book review: The fragile thread of hope

Book Title: The Fragile Thread of Hope: A gripping emotional inspirational fiction

Author: Pankaj Giri

Format: Kindle (available in e-book)

'The fragile thread of hope' by Pankaj Giri had been in my TBR list since quite some time now. But truth be told, I'd plain forgotten about it. Had that not been the case, I'd have read and reviewed it earlier.
It was thanks to the author Pankaj Giri who recently mentioned it to me in a Facebook thread that I instantly picked it up from Amazon, guilt ridden for my failing memory.

'The fragile thread of hope' is a wonderfully spun story around the theme of family relationships, love, loss and hope. Set in the beautiful town of Gangtok, it transports you to North-East India, introducing you to different nuances in the tradition, culture, and language of Sikkim, and most importantly to Fiona and Soham.

Living lives that unknown to each other, and yet strangely connected, we see them journey through their own perils, struggling through the recurring themes of death and depression. Alike yet different in their own ways, they finally find a common thread that holds them together---the fragile thread of hope.
The author has etched his characters meticulously and with great finesse. Although Soham and Fiona form the crux of the story, you cannot help but give your heart out to Vikram, Soham's older brother, who plays a short yet vital role in the story.

The cover design is intriguing and rates high in abstract value. The language is free-flowing with an impressive vocabulary blending seamlessly in above-average story telling.
Ample use of metaphors renders the story a poetic quality but also renders a pall of gloom. Frankly, I lost count of the points where I actually had to put the book down to take in a deep breath, because I was too heart-broken to carry on. But the author should take this as a compliment.

The only issue I had with the story was the spiritual element, which I found to be too jarring (for fiction) at times.

The story has a predictable conclusion, but by the time you are nearing the end, you are almost wishing the pieces to fit in the expected manner.
I guess that is the strength of good storytelling---you know how the story is going to end but you are still looking forward to it.

To sum up, 'The fragile thread of hope' did not disappoint at all.
I think there is a lot of hope for the author in the literary world, and it's definitely not fragile.

Personal rating: 
4 out of 5 for the plot.
5 out of 5 for the writing.

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