October 07, 2018


I was reading a bit on clairvoyance the other day, and it made me think on a tangent.
Honestly, I believe every one of us has a little bit of clairvoyance hidden within us.
A sixth sense of sorts, an extra sensory perception, an ability to foretell or see a little of our own future. But we are so stuck up in considering ourselves ordinary, that we pay no heed to this tiny voice struggling to be heard.

“I never saw it coming,” is a phrase commonly used by people from all generations. But so is “I told you so.”

Ever noticed how these two juxtaposed phrases always alternate? The former is more often than not, always used with reference to the self while the latter with regard to someone else. The order seldom changes.
So how is it that we hardly realize the consequences of our behavior when we can easily tell what impact somebody else’s action will bring about?

Well, the reason is pretty much the same as why we always manage to notice the pimple on someone else’s nose and not ours...until of course we stand in front of a mirror.
Some people find this mirror in a friend, a confidante.
Some may find it in meditation. Others in instrospection. While a few may never find it at all, never discovering their self-clairvoyant abilities, believing that they are and will forever remain flawless.

Have you found your mirror yet?

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aditi said...

Sixth sense is usually missing or if it reflects at times, we're unable to recognize its worth. Talking to the self is my proved version of clairvoyance.

Pri said...

@ Aditi
Introspection is a forgotten art. That tiny voice within us may be suppressed or neglected, but is never missing.
I'm glad you have found your mirror. :)

Sudip Saha said...

6th sense is based on intuition. Nature sends various signals about our near future but most of us can't interpret it...

Esha Chakraborty said...

So agree with you... We are so quick to judge yet we have no time to reflect upon our own behaviour

Esha Chakraborty said...

So agree with you... We are so quick to judge yet we have no time to reflect upon our own behaviour

Preeti's Panorama said...

Finding your inner-self has become a difficult task for people today. They blame it on their busy life schedules, problems, stress and whatnot. But the truth is... it takes just a few minutes of your time and a calm mind to just take a peep inside your own self. You will find that voice - sometimes called a soul, sometimes conscience or sixth sense; eagerly waiting to connect with you.
In my life, there have been many incidents where this voice has helped me find the path and it has never once failed me.

Sonia Chatterjee said...

Profound thoughts. It is amazing to see how so many doctors are equally good writers. I'm married to a critical care intensives and the only books that I have seen him read are Harrison, Guyton and Hall etc. The only thing he loves writing is prescription.😉