July 17, 2022

#BlogchatterBlogHop: 'An impossible dilemma' (a poem)

If I were told to choose just one

A sheer case of 'all or none'

Between to read a book or to write

It would have been a terrible fight

How do you choose between body and soul

Between breath and air, dream and goal

Between passion and love, food and drink

Between how to feel and how to think

Both are linked in every way

'Yin and yang' as Jung would say

Read to write and write to read;

Books devoured, and stories freed

But still a choice if asked to make

For reading intent, for writing sake

An equal balance let there be;

an erudite writer's  identity!


The above comic strip is a humorous attempt by yours truly to depict the ‘read or write’ dilemma by revisiting an ancient Greek myth. 


This post is a part of Blogchatter Blog Hop Blog 3.


deepti menon said...

Dear Priyanka, your poem says it all... there is no choice between reading and writing. I call it a Hobson's choice in my blog post on the same topic. Loved your cartoon as well! :)

Tomichan Matheikal said...

The sphinx here is wicked 😅

Varsh said...

Such apt choice of words. I share your feelings. Choice is impossible!