March 09, 2006

sigh!!! in a "not so perfect" world...

When in love, all of us dream of a perfect world...a world wherein ur bf/husband will get u flowers everyday, will remember to wish u on ur birthday no matter how caught up he is, will get u flowers n heart shaped candy every valentines day, will hav eyes for noone else but u,will think of u as the most beutiful woman on earth even on a "bad hair" day...:)
But as the days go by, we feel the harsh wrath of reality ...the knight in shinin armour changes into a cold heartless gremlin who not only feels tht "thr shudent be silly ocassions like valentines day to express my love, u shud know." but also forgets to wish u on ur birthday but has the cheek to grin shamelessly n admit it not comin up wth ne excuse...hmph!
BOTTOMLINE: u r taken for granted....sigh!
ur dream of yesterday is slowly changin into a nightmare...n u realise so is ur "romeo"

Heres a simple example showin how ur dreamsong lyrics change ...

IN UR DREAMS n in a perfect world (created by woman ofcourse), this is the scenario we all expect...:)
It's late in the evening, She's wondering what clothes to wear

She puts on her make up, And brushes her long blonde hair

And then she asks me, Do I look alright ,And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight

We go a party, And everyone turns to see, This beautiful lady, That's walking around with me

And then she asks me, Do you feel alright, And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight

I feel wonderful, Because I see the love light in your eyes, And the wonder of it all, Is that you just don't realize, How much I love you

It's time to go home now, And I've got an aching head, So I give her the car keys, She helps me to bed, And then I tell her, As I turn out the light,

I say my darling, you were wonderful tonight, Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight

IN REALITY, this is the scenario...sigh! (sumwht puttin it mildly/harshly..u decide..heehee)

It's late in the evening, She's wondering what clothes to wear

She puts on her make up, And brushes her long blonde hair

And then she asks him, Do I look alright ?

N HE SAYS "YUP U LOOK OKAY...LETS GO...WE DONT WANT TO BE LATE"...(sigh!..grrr...okay??...thts it??..sheesh!why did i even ask?)

We go a party, And everyone turns to see, This beautiful lady, That's walking around with me

And then she asks him, Do you feel alright
(SIGH!..some sense of they r wonderin wht a girl like me is doin wth a clod like u..hmph!)
...It's time to go home now, And he's got an aching head, So I give her the car keys, She helps him to bed, And then he tells her, As he turns out the light,

(at this point wifey dearie is waitin wth bated breath wonderin if he is gonna finally say her dream words...)
n all he comes up wth is
PLOP!!n off to sleepyland he goes mumblin sumthin like a muffled "i love u" was it juss ur imagination playin tricks??...

GOD!!!if this is reality...dayummm!!...lemme go back to my dreamsss...heehee


Keshi said...

LOL Pri good one! Is it ur original? I had so many giggles!

I used to listen to 'Wonderful Tonight' and used to dream of a man like that too...I did say USED to, didnt I? lolllz!

It's not a perfect world but I cant even find a normal (imperfect) guy to suit me lol!


Pri said...

yup keshi!...its straight outta my dreams n reality...glad u liked it :)...
As for findin a "relatively normal" dream, all i can say is thr is no one perfect in love...guess u juss hav to see beyond all the imperfections...sigh!! but cant help wishin reality to be a tat bit closer to our dreams dont we??hang in there ,ur "mr right" will find his way to u...but only if u r ready to deal wth the repercussions of havin compared ur dream man to ur real man...else like me juss call it "truce"...heehee

best wishes pal :)

Ekta said...

cldnt resist dropping in a line!
Hey..well all men arent like this! I can vouch for that!
So keep your faith up girl!:-)
hope floates!

Pri said...

@ ekta

really ekta ???...y do they hav words like hopeless thn?*heehee*

guess they r for ppl like me!!
I dont really beleive in one is perfect but its true tht when we are in love , we see him/her as perfect :)...n bet u wudent deny tht..wud u?
its great to hav u visit "nostalgic moments"...:)

Anand said...

Hey pri,
well I too agree with u and ekta(the wife)....
In her case though she's lucky...coz well shes got the ideal guy...hah!;-)

p.s:-Just hang in there babe...its worth the wait

Keshi:- Thats probably coz girl any normal guy may just not be good enugh for u!:-)

born_in_the_woods said...

Ya pri, Just hang on!

you will find the right person!

Pri said...

@ anand

hey ..its nice to see u comment after ekta's pleasant surprise visit to "nostalgic moments" today :) for the "be patient n hang in thr " advice..well not really searchin *grin* cosim one of those lazzy people who expect their mr rite to juss drop frm the sky n introduce himself...n if he isnt thn im too lazy to do nethin bout it ...besides me thinks i was too busy selectin friends brains i guess whn "mr rite"'s were being distributed (heehee if thrs nethin like tht...) ..*rolls her eyes* dint i tell u i believe all kinda!!!

@ born in the woods

*throws her hands in the air*...
read above wth emphasis on the last part ..heehee...
why dont ppl believe a girl who dosent want to fall in!!
ok lets tk it this way...mebe my knight in shinin armour came along searchin for me but lost his way...n whn finally he got bout askin for directions,i'd moved...damn!!my luck n his!!!

Anand said...

Hey pri,
U do beleive that marriages are made in heaven!...expecting Mr rite to drop by from the sky!:-)
Well all the best...:-)

Pri said...

@ anand

heehee ...yeah sure pal...marriages are made in heaven but someone told me tht they hav to be found on earth :( tht true...cant my mr rite juss come up to me n introduce himself or cant he hav a flag sign on his head sayin sumthin like "im the one for pri"...*yawn* do i know he is the one??...n please dont giv me tht "dil to pagal hain" answer ki "woh hamein batata hain"...:p...cos if thts true thn y do some ppl end up heartbroken n never get bout gatherin the pieces together again..?? :)

Anonymous said...

lol. damn funny! :-) but song lyrics are, well, song lyrics. they don't define 'ideal'. why not get a little more innovative and change one's regular way of asking questions or maybe the questions themselves. i surprise you, you surprise me kind of a thing. ;) btw, i like your version better. i mean i'd get so bored hearing the same thing all day, all week.

Keshi said...

lol Pri lets hope he's not dead :)


Pri said...

@ chitra
heehee "i surprise u , u surprise me " theory sounds good....n but guess im the kind who'll never get bored of listenin to someone complimentin me *grin*...though it does get on ur nerves sometimes lol!!..but thn u can always blame it on ur "mood swings" ;p

@ keshi

lol!! i never thought bout tht...heehee such kinda horrific experience?? ;p

Pri said...

@ ss

thanks ss...actually did think of u esp whn typin out tht "whts a gal like her doin wth a clod like him?" line ;)!!
psst!!! juss make sure G never finds my blog link..*muhahaha*