November 28, 2006

tagged again! :)

I finally decided to get bout completing the tag sush tagged me with...
sorry for the delay sush, but things hav been soo hectic and ridicuously crappy the last few days, tht i'd started to find no time to breathe , let alone take up tags frm friends :(
neways here i go!
the rule is to fill it up n pass it along :p
hmmm...interestin! lets see now

---the smell of fresh air early mornin (esp whn i stand on my terrace)---its the mornin freshness intermingled with the heavenly fragrance of the "parijatak" tree in my backyard ...mmm its wonderful!
--- the mild smell of fresh cologne or aftershave on a guy, obviously.shhh! dont get any bright ideas :-/(pls note the word MILD here...cos ppl who drown in cologne or perfume juss turn me off..ok ok im hard to
---the smell of hot chocolate whn its brewing...i lurrvveee it!!

---the smell of petrol.yikes! i cant stand it,i almost hav an episodic sycopal attack every time i stop at the petrol station :(
---the smell of perfume mixed wth sweat...sigh! some ppl hav this utterly stupid notion tht perfume tends to mask the stench of a sweaty body on a long day...welcome to reality guys! it juss enhances it :-/
---the smell rather stench of the freshly preserved (wth formalin) cadavers in the "human anatomy" lab wch we were subjected to in the first yr of med school...thinkin bout it, dint get irked much bout it thn (talk of olfactory adaptation :-/) but now everytime i pass the lab, my olfactory adaptation goes for a toss n makes me hold my breath till i reach the othr end of the corridor

well, err...i dont think i qualify to answer i havent really changed jobs n considerin the profession im in, dont think thts possible either (not tht i want to):)
would part time activities fit in this criteria...
if thn , well...---i did take up this contract wth a teen mag i used to suscribe once...the deal was to write articles n poetry every month...but thn lazy as i am stopped it soon enough (blame it on the homework in school and my denial to refrain frm othr extra curricular activities to commit to writin)
---For seconds, could bloggin be a part time activity??? heehee...not tht im too regular at it either but yet! feels good to think of it as tht :p
But thn again, i dont think any of this can qualify as the question remains unanswered i guess :(

---"when harry met sally"
---"steel magnolias"
---"mann" (not tht i love it per se,but dunno why, still watch it everytime its aired on tv :)...though i find it utterly crappy n unrealistically beautiful to happen in this insensitive world)
actually thr are a few more i wudent mind watchin time n time again, they being "anjali", "anand","DCH", "a beautiful mind" etc...*ok ok dont look at me like tht, i know the tag is juss for 3 movies* :-/

---school days
sorry!! no fond memories hitting me ,the stage im at right now...

well frankly speakin all my dream jobs revolve juss around one profession---the one im in rite sometimes i dream n aspire to be
--- a cardiologist
--- a psychiatrist *dosent seem too unrealistic considerin tht ive done a lot of "self therapy" and "friend councellin" n am quite reputed in tht regard* ;p
---a neurosurgeon (sigh! everyone can dream cant they ??:-/)

--- THINK... a lot bout nethin n everythin in general ...though thinkin has never helped me (or anyone else they say) till now, but cant seem to stop it! :-/
---TALK -love to yap endlessly...can spend hours speakin in the company of friends though nowadays only a very few priveledged souls hav the honour of hearin me out :)
---WRITE...thts one thing wch i wudent want to giv up passion to write, its the only medium wch helps me express the things i cant say (dont be soo surprised!!an incessant chatterbox can hav a "speakin out" problem too :) )

--- surmai fry.(wth rice n yellow dal)..most wud consider it a very simple meal..but i lurrrvvve it ! :)
--- food my mom makes (though sometimes i opt for chinese to break the monotony) :p but yet, tht remains my mommys bestest :D
---fried a equally big fan of modaks as i am of ganpatibappa :D
sob! but i get to eat thm only once a year :(
but polish off as many as im allowed to to make up for it ...heehee ;p

---farr away on a "no man's island"...juss feel like goin someplace n never comin back :)...
i would if my parents promised not to track me down :-/ hmph!!!
---the tribal village of honolulu...would want to make friends wth the cannibles thr .
---seattle :) .want to giv someone a surprise

---the past whn i was let down bigtime by friends n the fact tht it was the ppl i trusted the most
---readng entries frm my personal diary wch make me look like a fool even today n posts i'd posted once upon a time on some long lost blogs of mine
---some songs wch bring a tear to my eyes even as i haer thm today.

phew! tht was pretty exhausting...a lot to write n a lot to read i guess eh?
neways was fun :)sometimes u need tags to remind u a lil more about urself than u tend to remember ...
n now finally,

cheers n good luck!


Anonymous said...

:D :D the three things You like to do are pretty much the three things I like to do too!!

Nice tag list!

Anonymous said...

cute list!

but why mann? I mean..WHY?

Anonymous said...

Mann? what excruciation :O

Seattle of all places? sleepless kya? ;;)

not modaks but you just missed tons of laddoos - didi sent last week :D

I think being a shrink would suit you :P

last but not the least Njoi few dialogues :)

Keshi said...

u know girl even I wanted to be a neurosurgeon and I think God knew I wouldnt be fit for it so he stopped me LOL!

**the smell rather stench of the freshly preserved (wth formalin) cadavers in the "human anatomy

eeeeeeeeeeeks that sounds scary!

Why no fond memories Pri? Im sure u have atleast 3...


Anonymous said...

Lol...very funny!

Would you then enjoy mild cologne on a freshly preserved cadaver(with formalin of course)?

Pri said...

@ venom
lol!! join the club buddy ...
i guess great minds think alike :p

@ chandni
thanks chand! :)
well , "mann"...*why is everyone actin surprised? :(*
ok ok admit its a lil corny, but alli got to say is "its all bout nostalgic moments"...:).dont think too much, ull never figure this one out :D

@ ashish
thanks buddy, it was fun goin thru all the dialogues again...
n heyy thanks for the compliment! im seriously considerin "psychiatry" as an option :-/...juss hopin wont hav to meet u as a patient .lol!!! ;p

@ keshi
*smiles*yes keshi, had many! but
i guess im havin deliberate induced amnesia now...n no regrets about tht :)

sweet memories often come wth pain in the bargain dont they?...cos afterall they r nothin but "memories"...

@ tejas
ok mr wise guy! :-/
but no thankyou ,i guess it wud repell me as much as wud a handsome hunk drowned in strong perfume mixed wth sweat ...or mebe even less!

Keshi said...

**farr away on a "no man's island"...

Pri thats where I wanna be too.


Anonymous said...

how come its preserved if its fresh. doesn't sound like a cadaver :P

Pri your description was yucks :O

Pri said...

@ keshi
lol! keshi...u r free to join me...but thn i meant "no humans island" whn i said tht...sumtimes u juss wanna be left alone isnt it? :)

@ ashish
heyy ashish, if u dint know freshly preserved cadavers were meant to refer to those dead ppl who r immediately brought to the morgue n if unidetified becomes subjects for medical students after instantly preservin thm wth formalin :-/
i know tht sounds gross!! :p

Anonymous said...

D'uh #-o cadaver is the first word they teach you on the very first day, right? I grew up talking to her & reading her books for hours daily!

not to mention that jurisprudence, psychi & PSM have always been my fav :D *stupid grin*

Anonymous said...

oh and I said yucks 'coz I've seen long intestine being pulled out of one, and spread on the table - it was not-so-good a sight :-ss

gert said...

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luvwannabefree25 said...

great post.. your hands must be tired from typing!!

JD ;)

Pri said...

@ ashish gupta
lol...looks like u studied more of medicine n less of engg ...

@ gert brunh
compliments of the season to u too :)...
nice of u to drop by care!

@ luvwannaefree
thanks...n yeps , i dont get tired easily esp not whn im talkin bout myself ;p

Anonymous said...

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