November 25, 2007

just a phase---me playing 'miss know all'!!

during a conversation on phone:
L:'u know pri, sometimes u really surprise me...'
ME: 'i know...'

at the coffee shop:
A:'u know,sometimes u might be having everything u ever wished for just a step away and u dont realise it...'
ME: 'i know...'

before every failed cookbook recipe, the scene in the kitchen:
MY PARTNER IN CRIME (usually my cuz or friend):'this dosent seem right...u sure u adding the right things?i hope u know what to do next'
ME: in a overconfident tone 'YES , I KNOW!...'

after every failed recipe, the scene at the table:
DAD: staring at the concoction cooked rather reluctantly, while mom is still in shock over the mess in the kitchen 'i think we'll better eat out today...'
ME: with an embarrased look 'i know...'
MOM:'this is the very reason why i keep warning her not to experiment with exotic recipes...why cant she stick to the plain day to day meal...but no! noone ever listens to me...normal food is boring she says...yada yada yada' :-/

after every small success be it in the kitchen or as a doctor at the hospital:
THE SAME MOM: 'my darling...shes good in whatever she does..and always ready to soo proud of her'am smothered with hugs
ME: 'sigh! yeah mom ..i know' :D

excerpt from a chat window:
STRANGER: 'its been almost a year since we are speaking and all i know is tht its not thaat easy to understand u...'
ME: 'i know...:)'

after a huge arguement with my mom:
MOM:'i really dont know what uve planned to do with your life...'
ME:'err..i think i know...'

conversation with a fellow blogger after reading one of my posts
FELLOW BLOGGER: 'ur crazy pri...u know tht?? really crazy..sigh!'
ME: 'i know...'

text message from a friend who keeps thinkin im GOD and can predict things about her life juss because a few of my assumtions have come true...sigh! :-/
'hey pri...what would i do with u??u r the BESTESTTT :D...muaaahhhh!'
ME (in reply to the text msg): 'i know...heehee'

after burning a hole in a new dress while ironing it:
SIS: 'how could u juss forget like tht? u are sucha nut!'
ME: 'i knowwww :(:( ...'

after almost every decision frankly put forth to family:
DAD: 'i hope u know what u r doing...'
ME: in a 'not so very confident' tone 'i know...'
MOM(angry and irritatedat urs truly): 'RIGHT! dosent she always?'

just before putting up this post:
INNER VOICE: 'do u know how stupid this post sounds (reads)??'
ME: i knoww
(but im posting it here anyways..hmpf!)



radiohead said...

No .. u don't need ne help I guess ..

but I do rem this 'I know' stuff, and it is so damn irritating at times, specially while talking to someone, u go abt sayin certain things, jus to show some care n all u here frm d other end is 'I knws' .. i mean its stupid ..ain't it ..

but ur 'I knws' are quite mixed .. hehe .. bt I think tht u knw wht these 'I knws' really are .. u knw :D

so I knw tht U knw .. nd u shud knw tht I knw tht U knw .. nd tht U knw that whtevr U knw is not bad ;)

ohh blimey .. I forgot whtevr I knew. :(

Anonymous said...

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The Furobiker said...

yea doc u need eome help..:x
whr have u been ? :O :x

Keshi said...

I always think I know wut Im doing as long as Im not in trouble ;-)


Utopia said...

heheh! that was comical. a lot of times i think i know but apparently i don't but there is no other way to learn right! yeah so the smug face and the know it all attitude.

aMus said...

hee..hee!! that was very familiar :)

need help...whatever for!!! have a great day

Sam said...

I know.....
lolzzz.... u need oddles of help just to clear up your mind a little that's all else "I know" "you know" it all!!
But "you know" what everyone is like that.. every thing that goes wrong "I know"/"I knew"
I'm guilty of it... something goes wrong adn i'm like I knew it...
and if it goes rite... damn.. i know so much....

but the point is if one knows that the one knows a lot and is still not able to know what one doesn't know especially when one knows the disaster is afoot, do you know that even i know that nobody knows how to manage it!!

Pri said...

@ anuj seems u definitely 'know' more than me...
welcome to the 'i know' club...:p

@ crescenet
:o :o :O!!!
thankyou...same to u...heehee :p
msg to the 'brain' or 'automated robot' behoind the comment:---'next time write in english...'

@ abhishek khanna
me?? hmmm ive been searching for help!! :p

@ keshi
heehee...i guess all of us 'know all's' like to believe in the same :D

Pri said...

@ utopia
they say 'sometimes its better to say u dont know and learn from others'...
but i agree,self study is the best study...and then afterall 'we know' what we r doing isnt it? :p

@ thinking aloud
need help cos i sometimes fear il'l go crazy 'knowing so much' and yet 'knowing nothing' :(

@ sam
*catches her head in her hands* im confused and tired because everybody seems to knoww soo much...:p

Anonymous said...

Very very hillarious doc. I think its just perfectly fine. Nothing wrong i guess.

I had oodles of laughter on reading this and the big way was i cud relate to it.

Anonymous said...

Well atleast you expressed it all despite of the fact that you weren't feeling good about thing pri,start believing on yourself & on your abilities..always back yourself up & trust me you'd reap great rewards coz of doing so..though i might haven't said anything new but still i think you're lacking faith on yourself & on your abilities..this post was a good one & i liked reading it..just felt like saying & i said so..i hope you didn't mind that..take care:)

Amit Charles said...

I know;)

Keep it rolli9n;)

Pri said...

@ the rebel
u could???
cool!! thn im not alone...
but as anuj said, i do realise its sometimes very irritatinf for ppl around...
we know soo much :p ...heehee

@ illusion
no issues illusion...i dint mind that for me having more faith in myself, i think i have enough...but neverthless working on it...:)
thanks buddy!
take care...

@ scribbler
hahaha...i know u know! ;P

Anonymous said...

hey cutopie :)
this was indeed a very cute post.

bluecoffeemug said...

pri....amazing post :)...had fun reading it...

Pri said...

@ magic_masala
dont know what else to say...u know how speechless i feel when it comes to compliments *blushes*...heehee

@ bluecoffeemug
atleast someones having fun...sigh!