November 28, 2007

the mask...

believing only what we want to believe,
at times gazing outside the box too much,
either way, its but a loss suffered,
as we fail to see the 'real' picture as such...

basking in the bliss of ignorance,
disposing every told judgement away,
often we like living in a farytale,
while the heart tries to search the hidden shade of grey.

slowly engulfing us, our dreams continue,
we often ignore the 'black' and 'white'...
so busy in searching the expected 'grey',
we tend to miss whats lucid in sight...

its too late when we realise we've been succumbing,
to the dirty tricks played by our own 'heart' and 'mind'
searching high and low in all the wrong places,
for something which dosent exist,yet we hope to find...

and then it strikes us, the game they played,
we played too but werent taught the rules,
nobody told us it could be all a farce,
nobody said if we'd believe it,we'd lose...

but finally enlightenment dawns,
and we realise it isnt that easy a task...

and slowly but surely as the curtains draw,
we recognise the face behind the mask!!

Tujhse Naraaz Nahi...


kyamaloom said...

Quite thoughtful content must say..:)
And the song "Tujhse naraaz nahi zindagi"

is my most favorite-est-est till date.. :)

Amit Charles said...

jus keep it rollin;)

Sweetstickychewy said...

Such a lovely poem Pri..

Loved it to the core.

:D Cheers!:D

Anonymous said...

waow doc.. nice poem..
food for thought..
last para mast hai

radiohead said...

amazing wrds ..
search for the I is nevr ending ..

na tha kuchch to KHuda tha, kuchch na hota to KHuda hota
duboya mujhko hone ne, na hota maiN to kya hota ?

huaa jab GHam se yooN behis to GHam kya sar ke kaTne ka
na hota gar juda tan se to zaanooN par dhaRa hota

huee muddat ke ‘GHalib’ mar gaya par yaad aata hai
wo har ek baat pe kehana, ke yooN hota to kya hota ?


ceedy said...

great poem..... life is a treasure hunt to find happiness - some find it some keep looking :)

Keshi said...

as I always say u r brilliant with ur verses!


Vinesh said...

everything's frightening or funny only until the mask comes off..

reality bites.

Pri said...

@ rohit
thanks was scribbled in a very thoughtful mood too :)
and heyy ur choice of music kinda matches mine...this is my fav song too...just love it :)

@ scribbler
thanks pal...i will :)

@ sweetstickychewy
thanks dear...ur compliments do push me up on cloud9 :D

@ abhi
thanks abhi...
and yess its time we thought about the faces around us...maybe some still have the mask on...

@ anuj
wonderful verse there by ghalib...
thanks soo much for sharing :)

Pri said...

@ ceedy
well rightly said indeed is a treasure hunt...but the persuit of happiness is never ending isnt it?
i guess we all need 'the little prince' at every step to learn from...simply loved the book...thanks again! :)

@ keshi
thanks dear...juss a humble effort to put forth my thoughts :)

@ vinesh
very true...but then when the mask eventually comes off,sometimes we do tend to realise we were being afraid of nothin...
sometimes we flinch cos we have infront of us a stranger we havent seen before in life...
and at times, it leaves u with a numb feeling reminding u how u failed to recognise the mask...but now that u have, u despise the face behind it...because it never was an has always been 'the mask' wch enticed u...
its soo clear..yet we know its easy to miss the obvious!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem coupled with a superb song .....

Anonymous said...

i think i'm in love with your blog :)

La vida Loca said...

sweet..real sweet.
Just stopped to say hi

Anonymous said...

u know what, its weird..but i check your blog at least around 12-15 times a day :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

just too good

KP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KP said...

r u sure u want to continue ur current profession?

u r good writer...u should become poet.....u`ll be called poet pri....hows that sound?...

Pri said...

@ rebel
thanks dear...the song is a personal favourite :)

@ secret admirer
thanks...*the blog blushes* :D

@ la vida loca
heyy wonderful mseein u ...thanks dear
keep in touch...
will visit u soon...hoping to read u more frequently :)

@ secret admirer
lol...whats so weird in tht??
do drop in ur blog link too (if u have one)
would luv to read u...:)

@ compassion unlimited
thankyou :)
take care

@ kp
yess very sure i want to stick to dr pri...:)
maybe il'l take up being a writer parttime.:D..thanks for thinkin im good enough ...
take care!

Anonymous said...

i hope ashu is the rebel now!!! :P

Pri said...

@ the rebel aka ashu
heehee any doubts???
afterall u r the one who's just got her christening done ...:D

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

:) each one gets better thn the previous one :) great play with words loved it....n the song...Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi..evrgreen....:D
Lods of love n hugs

Pri said...

@ madhavi
thanks dear *blush blush*
yaa i just love that song too...has the power to make a rock shed tears :)

hugzz to u girl!

lizzie said...

loved the ending!!

annie said...

wow wow...

Pri said...

@ lunatic
thanks dear! :)

@ annie
heyy ...long time...hope u doing good...:)
take care