February 18, 2008

they are from mars...no wonder!!...

i was tagged by 'alohomora' quite some time back to write 10 things i hate/dont like about guys...
the rules of the game are:
---write 10 things u hate about the opposite sex
---at the end of the tag, tag 5 random bloggers to take up the tag

so here i go, in no particular order,i 'hate' : err..or let me put it as 'dont like' (because hate would seem too strong a word and as u all know im a peace-loving human ...heehee..ok im also afraid that my blog might be boycotted by the entire guy-gang here at blogsville ;p)

ok without further adieu, i dont like...
1)the fact that to most guys, calenders never exist...and neither do birthdays and other such ocassions...hmpf!
oh yes, ur absolutely right..im just another girl who likes to be wished on her birthday...brownie points for remembering friendship day, anniversaries etc etc...and yeah i dont believe those 'u dont need days to celebrate...everyday is special with u around' excuses :-/

2)when guys use that 'bus, train aur ladkiyan' phrase..and im sure every guy must have used that idiotic dialogue atleast once in his life..arghhh!!(if not said aloud, atleast consoled himself with it)
dont lie..i bet all you guys reading this must be grinning sheepishly...
and NO! it would not make a 'manisha koirala' fall in love with u just because it worked for aamir khan in the movie 'mann' *rolls her eyes*

3)those of u who drive around at the rate of over 160kmph with loud blaring music, thus contributing to both,noise as well as moron pollution...

4)extremes...so overtly sensitive and idiotically insensitive guys are a big turnoff...which also means that il'l hate u if:
---u cry with me during those melodramatic movies with happy endings :-/
---ridicule me when im crying during those...
---make excuses like 'an upset stomach' if ur a friend and i call u over as a guineapig to the new recipe ive tried (because family just wont agree to risk any experiments)
---keep complimenting me...
---keep 'not complimenting' me :-/
---call me up at weird hours when im sleeping and expect me to answer the phone...
---keep trying inspite of me ignoring the call , and thus trying ur best to ruin my sleep by making the whole damn bed shake like its an earthquake (because my cell is usually on vibratory mode)..and u still just wont get the msg..sigh!
---tell me that ive put on weight when i know u rnt joking...hmpf!!

5)ok ..this is a cliche im sure...i hate MCP's
for those of u who have just returned from a 'no mans island' and arnt aware of the term, im talking about those 'male chauvenistic pigs' who are still living in the medieval age which thought of women as the weaker sex and claimed that every girls dream should just be about a perfect lil family with a not-so-perfect lil husband in a perfect lil home and cooking a perfect BIG dinner in the perfect lil kitchen....hmpf!!

6)when guys assume that a girl is just another typical when u take a lil extra time to get ready for a party or if they catch u looking at urself in the mirror...
i mean cmonnn, how many times have we actually pointed out that u eat like a pig and dont have any table manners...

7)i hate this one thing and i mean i really HAAATEEEE it....thats when im not allowed to speak as much as i want to...or rather when ur not paying attention to what i speak...
well err ...this is for both the sexes actually and im not generally gender biased but ive noticed guys have a much shorter concentration span as they are easily distracted by
---any 'hot chick' (in ur lingo) walking in...
---any 'hot chick' walking out...
---any 'hot chick' on tv, radio or on the news...
---anything resembling cricket, football or food...
---err..almost anything after listening to around 10 mins of my incessant chatter...hmpf!!
as opposed to my much more attentive girlfriends (specification---friends who are girls in case u getting any bright ideas.:-/)who no matter how distracted in reality always manage to make me believe that they are listening...

8)one more thing which really irks me off is when a guy bitches with u especially about his ex or about anyone else for that matter...
i mean i know its a womans world and u guys are trying to prove a point by wanting to show that u are no less in any sphere (which includes gossiping) but we would seriously appreciate u leave the gossip bit for us dude...we dont need ur company...really!!
and heyy in case its an ex, remember u were 'goo-goo-ga-ga' over her once upon a time...well u might have forgotten buddy but we seriously have a good memory...and if u can bitch about someone u loved (or claimed to have loved once upon a time)u can bitch about almost anyone in the world...
and if u disagree with that,it still makes u a BITCH anyways...and there i rest my case! :-/

9)I hate it when u take great pride in doing gross things like
---holding a snake, lizard or any other creepy crawly in ur hands...
---farting in public and thinking its funny...
---speaking foul or repeatedly using the 'F-word' with guy-friends(specification:friends who are guys...err why am i specifying that?? who cares wht u think...heehee)and thinking its supercool
---rate random girls for their looks on a scale of 10 :-/
---drink soo much that they puke the night out but yet live to tell the story the next day...

10)ohh i could go on and on..but i think i'd better stop here....heehee
but last but not the least, i hate it when
u dont understand what we are trying to say and half the time dont bother to ask...
believe us when we say 'everything is fine' when actually nothing is...
think its almost always necessary to give us stupid advice when sometimes we just want to crib ...
and then to top it all label us 'complicated' to avoid feeling guilty of being an insensitive moron...hmpf!!

err...well, well i 'dont like' quite a lot of things isnt it?? (3 cheers womans lib!! naari shakti zindabad!!)
but they heyy cmon u (or maybe the tag) asked for it..heehee
and afterall u guys do brag about being a great sport dont ull?? so there...lets see u face it!! ;)
i would like to mention its pretty tough to find all the above qualities in the same guy...but u would if u try hard enough...juss kidding!!
this post is written in good humour and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely intentional...heehee
but no offence guys, we all know it would be a boring place without u 'martians' around...afterall we venutians do need someone to bash once in a while dont we? ;)

now to tag some random 5 people...dudes and dudettes get ready for some strong bashing from...
--->veens (venutian)
--->anuj (martian)
--->vands (venutian)
--->lena (venutian)
--->cm-chap (martian)

ohh and whoever wants to take it up, is free to do so...
would love to read other venutians venting out and the martians getting back...*grin*



WritingsForLife said...

wow... this is a lot of hate for the opposite sex right there :-)

I drive around with blaring music... does that mean you hate me too... hehehe?
I enjoyed reading this :-)

Lena said...

cheers to the post! made me smile a big deal :D
and thanks for tagging me though you mentioned most of the points i would mention :D

Me is overloaded with tags but would surely do this one soon ;)

IncorrigibleV said...

hey this was gooood fun...i'd love to do this tag, thanks pri :)
but u havent left much for us to write ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol.. most of the points mentioned do crop up during the usual convo over a beer. :D

maverick said...

-any hot chick on tv, radio or on the news...

how do u see a hot chick on radio ???? :D

nice post :)

Pri said...

@ raaji
haha...naah raaji like i said 'hate' would be too strong a word...but cmon,they can be pretty irritating at times cant they?? lol!!
ohh u drive around with blaring music too?? :o

@ lena
ur most welcome...take it up whenever u have the time...
would love to read you...

@ vands
awww...look around vands...im sure ul'l find something ;p

@ j
sigh!! and yet some martians never improve...*rolls her eyes*

@ maverick
i NEVER said 'SEE' a hot chick on radio...
the fingers type what the mind feels huh? huh? :p
why do u guys relate things usually ONLY to 'physical attraction'?? *rolls her eyes*

Keshi said...

how abt cleanliness...most guys dun shower for few days. LOL!

***Keshi ducks for cover***


Ankur said...


LOL... (to start with ;) )

Nice to hear your thoughts, no disagreements, many of us on this planet are like this, but think abt the rest too... sometimes... :P

And yes, i can even see a girl on radio, its abt dreaming, isnt it... arent you talkin abt the same... :D

and yes, i do hate guys with bus, train... and also MCPs. In logo ne hi humme badnam kar rakha hai.. :P

but yes... i m d one show surely likes to ruin the sleep, and u hate me, coz of ur sleep... huh... u call urself a friend... huh... :P

waise believe me... i m not a girl hater (or any human for tat sake)... so there will be a post up in a day or two... 10 things i love about girls... (meri bhavnaooo ko samajhna.. :P)

but still... nice post... you r giving ppl a chance to kno u more... :)

Take Care...

P.S. and yes.. the new post is up...

Ankur said...

oh... forgot to ask one thing...

r des d kinda guys u hv cum across??? i guess tats y u luvvvvv ur ipod so much yet!!! :P

Solitaire said...

You just made women sound more complicated than they are..

But I love the putting on weight thing that you talked about.

How about, "you need to get your eyebrows and upper lip done"..


~ ॐ ~ said...

Phew !!!

Anonymous said...

dammitt! PRI! u like spoke my mind kind of!

now I dnt have ANYTHING to say that I hate them for ;)

it was fun reading... made me smile on a verr complicated day with complicated feelings :)

Junius said...

interesting!!! ur perfect(for what?)
no... really...unless the post is carefully planned to be politically correct :D!!

radiohead said...

woho .. male bashing hun .. I cud see all the guyz running arnd .. or makin brutal venetian cmnts .. hehe ..

thnx fr tagging me ..n m sure what u hate in men being insensitive fr wud b my cause of trouble wid women .. hehe .. like y r u gyz like tht :P

I see I have been missing on to a lot here .. lots of posts .. sry bt wasnt arnd .. i mean rather i was .. i was in delhi .. bt wasnt arnd here :P ..

newyz ..chao .. n dnt b made at my female bashing now ..

radiohead said...

@older posts: I have the 'nano' and then I have the 'shuffle' ..and I am so in love with my shuffle .. but initially I bought it fr my bro ..used it while in oz n thn whn i came bck i gave it to him nd kept the nano .. the nano was unused for major part of time cause i have this biggest ipod possible .. tht is my lappy :D .. hehe .. bt i missed my shuffle to d core .. n this time .. i got my love bck .. it is so so handy ..clip it wherevr u like ;)

go 'shuffle' go. sadu nano. *GRIn*

Pri said...

@ keshi
yuckk!! really?? :o
havent met the 'hydrophobic' kind yet *thanks god for that*

@ ankur
lol!! waiting to read ur post...
btw i wasent generalising...
but then again,with that list, its rather difficult not to :p
im sure every guy could relate to atleast a few things (its a different story that they just wont admit!)...hahaha

@ solitaire
gawwd!! double ughh!!
u sure they are GUYS u talking about? :p

@ -om-
heehee and the list isnt even over yet...*grin*

Pri said...

@ veens
glad it made u smile dear :)
btw are u sure there's nothing else u can think of??
think hard im sure there will be...start writing and u wont stop till u finish 10 believe me...(and that too because u have to stop as the tag demands only 10..heehee)
i can see one in this comment itsself...key word "complicated feelings" :p

@ endevourme
perfect??? *blush* naah not at all...for what btw? lol!!
ohh and about politically correct, my posts are almost never drafted (neither on blogger nor paper)before posting...hence mostly straight from the heart...
no wonder many seem to find them brutally honest at times :p

but thats how i'd prefer them...:)

@ anuj
glad ur back...was wondering what happened...infact was even planning on filing a police complaint because u were suspiciously missing :-/
whattt?? serious!!
ok neways now that ur back, hope to read more of u...and looking fwd (all armoured for security)to read the 'female bashing' :p

ohh and about the shuffle, why are guys such showoffs?? *rolls her eyes*


Ankur said...


its like u have come out will the possible... so one has to be a victim.. so not too gr8 haan...
the one u left was added by keshi..:P
i agree tat m too (6 & 7) though i have some chivalry left so i only agree to 1st part of it... :D

waise u r waiting and i m dying to come out with the list.. :D

Take Care Buddy

P.S... u have mentioned atleast 10 things in 1 item.. so vociferous :P

Sam said...

i'm contact the guys... i think i got loads of dirt on gals... ** grins wickedly**** trust me.. i can bring u down in matter of minutes!!! :hahaha!!! :D

1. quite true.. we tend to forget... i still don't remember yours.. mind telling me :P

2. crap dialogue i agree.. its more of a consolation one you knw!! useless, i say!!

3. i agree with you.. i prefer 80, with the music vol as per the type i'm playing!!

4. now i knw why u hate me.. ok i won't call past 10.. i promise!!
otherwise... well am yet to be a guineapig of yours :P

5. hmmm.... no comments.. am yet to understand what an MCP is!!!

6. standing in front of the mirror at every possible chance and taking hours to dress is so typically feminine!! every woman does that.. adn now we do not eat like a pig.. i have seen girls who do worse!!!

7. if you chatter constantly, well.. how do u blame us???

8. ah!! but then we cannot outryn u guys in this now can we??? at times though its necessary this skill.. it helps the girl wen she is in that bashing mode!!

9. I'm with you!!!

10. This is a major point of debate. May be you understand that most of us like it explicit..
nothing's fine.. say it!!
you don't want an honest opinion... don't ask!!
make up your mind as to what you wanna hear!!
And yes girls are complicated.. their dark side for me!!

Solitaire said...

Hahah!! Everyone's comments are really funny.

I just remembered another one that I heard from my 22 year old friend.

"Women are meant to be in the kitchen".

Pri said...

@ ankur
well thats what i said...with all those points cited there, i cant help generalise...lol!!
tell me one guy (of our generation) who dosent have any of those...
u dying to write that post??? heyy then why dont u write it? :p

@ sam
lol!! sam...if ur friends have got loads of dirt on girls, then we too have a fair amount...have just touched on minor issues...*evil laugh*
and besides ive got my 'power puff' girls to save me from them...*points to the girl gang at blogsville* :D
ohh as for the points,stop trying to defend ur species...
maybe except for the 'bitching part' which u say is important and which maybe is useful to u guys to vent out once in a while and about the eating manners part (which i can allow myself to consider because there are guys who are pretty well mannered at the table--atleast till they get to be ur friends and the formality is all gone).NOTHING else is valid!! hmpf!!

@ solitaire
maybe we can consider him because he is 22 and needs to grow up...hmpf!!
on second thoughts (and a more evil note),how about taking a union to his place and bashing him ?? :p

Rambler said...

Pri.. I thought I should try and tick how much of them are true abotu me ;)

1. Even though I am very good at remembering dates, I totally mess up with birthdays so yes :D

2.no idea which phrase you are referring to

3.no way, many guys hate noise :)

4.sensitivity is not about crying isn't it :)

5. hehhe I just hate gender bias :)

6. eat like a pig.. not so sure about myself

7. no comments :)


Solitaire said...

Hey would you take up a tag of writing down ten things that you like in men?

cm chap said...

Hey Pri... 2maro expt a big comment from me on this.. Now I'm in a hurry. Nice tag. surely will takeup.

Also.. Blog updated.

Rithish said...

hmm... Male bashing eh??? Good one though!!! In a satiric way!!! :o)

Junius said...

and thats how i too wud prefer them

Keshi said...


lol not that u havent met em..they just dun tell.


Pri said...

@ rambler
whatever happened to point number 8, 9 and 10...u dint even opine on them :D
ok neways the phrase in 2) was a stupid dialogue from a bollywood flick called 'mann' in which aamir goes 'bus, train aur ladkiyan...inke peeche nahi bhagna chahiye...ek gayi toh doosri mil hi jaati hain' (buses, trains and gurls should never be chased/sought after...if one goes, theres another one is sure to come):-/
now this is a rather famous dialogue and somehow it seems to be everywhere other than the movie mann too (in real life and in reel life too) *rolls her eyes*...
ohh and crying was just an example :)...
all in all the post was in good humour ...and absolute truth (heehee couldent help say that)

@ solitaire
hmm seems like a challenge...will surely take it up soon...just not right now because it might lead some into believing that im trying to make up for this post...(buhahaha!! as if i care) :D

but will definitely take this one up...:)

@ cm-chap
cool...hopping right onto there...its quite some time since we heard from u :)
ohh and yeah, was expecting the big comment.. :p
now waiting to read it...*grin*

Pri said...

@ rithish
lol...thankyou *takes a bow*

@ endevourme
im glad u would :D

@ keshi
yuckk!! *rolls her eyes*

Ankur said...

Its beacuse of my schedule, i work too lady... :D

Still some part of the post is up by now, so go ahead...

Cheers n happy reading!!! ;)

Sweetstickychewy said...

lol..that was an interesting read. And i could identify with some points there.. Like for e.g the MCPS! *roll eyes really*

radiohead said...

naah i din show my shuffle to u ;)
its stickin arnd somewhere .. nd its neither my bf nor gf :P

its jus a pod . hehe

a police complain ya sure .. u wud hav arranged for paramedics too ..jus in case u knw :D

I donno how well i wud b able to cuss the opp sex .. m sensitive u knw *Grin* ..but i will try n be harsh!!

Pri said...

@ ankur
heyy thats cool...let me know when the whole thing is up...more fun in reading the completed piece :)

@ sweetstickychewy
heehee thanks...i can understand :D

@ anuj
ohh cmon anuj...i thought u were one of the few goodguys around...so know u wont be harsh heehee...*hoping the emotional blackmail would work*
oyeee heyyy and just btw did u indirectly call me insensitive??? :-/
booohooo!!sob sob!! :((

The Furobiker said...

point 1 suits on me.. i cnt remember time n dates..

point 2
yeah its right .. i used it a lot.. bt ab chod dia

point 3 partially suits me.. i drive so fast.. bt nt wid loud music

point 6
i dun have any table manners watsoever...

point 9
guys cn never miss an opportunity to compare gals.. this one is beter thn previous.. but her legs were nice :D

cool.. doc u hate me so much :O

cm chap said...

First kudos to u for accepting ur fear of boycott. But I wish to tell u thats not the guys way.. they see case to case and treat based on merit. (WOW Nice Punch aaa)

1. Calendar... My personal experience is this is nthg to do with guys or girls. I hv always been the Mr.Punctuality but most of the time the screwup is done by my fellow friends who r girls.

4. Compliments... oops I knw there is no end to it

6. My 100% protest for this description of... eat like pig etc

8. I don't think any guy (even in future gen) can beat girls n gossiping :-)

Ho yah.. All said & Done... All of us know how nice Martian's are... see even after u bashes us still I'm saying "You Are Such a Cute Girl Pri"

Sam said...

ha!!! get a life... u r simply afraid to accept the truth!!

Pri said...

@ abhishek khanna
we like your honesty :p

@ cm-chap
thankoo thankoo..*we are blushing*...i cant help wishing all martians could be as much a sport as u :D

@ sam
a life?? pray tell me where i will get that...
a thousand thanks...heehee
(hopefully u r aware thats coming from 'mind your language'--err the serial i mean) *grin*

as for the truth, we should learn to accept it like the martians ..no? ;)

ceedy said...

in simple words - in your world guys should not freaking exist....damn doc....how will you have the next generation......where are you going to get the x chromosomes....huh!!!!!!

i am really thinking of bashing all girls now....all over we guys are bashed - and not a single soul is irked or complaining....doesnt that make you happy ;)

was on a break....so will catch up wid your posts


(honestly you are a great observer of human traits - loved the post) also i think i am from another galaxzee

Pri said...

@ ceedy
the venutian chooses to ignore the earlier part of the comment and read only what is in brackets...and she is happy that she is complimented...heehee
the martian has been kind :D

ceedy said...

shying away from truth....huh!!!!

well i told you i think i dont belong to venus or mars - i like my self pluto (non existent planet) ;P

Anonymous said...

oye hoye...so many complaints?
i hope someone is reading :P

Anonymous said...

We are mammals and blessed with body hair, three middle ear bones, and the ability to nourish our young with milk, Although females have the mammary glands, we all start out in a similar way in the, embryo. During development, the embryo follows a female template until about six weeks,when the male sex chromosome kicks in for a male embryo. The embryo then begins to develop all of its male characteristics. Men are thus left with nipples and also with some breast tissue.<~~~ This is what Bio Science Says... that means... all men are females for 6 weeks in life,... then where does the gender hate comes in... so by manuscripts, by scienc and by nature ... evry life is Feminine... Males are just a variation to Class Mother and not different from class mother ... i see no reason why female would hate the male gender <~~~ A male gender which is the creation of female itself.,,, why would the creator hate its own creation ... if it does then i would say ... This hate for males from the creator(female) itself is what would be hated by me...... secondly i have always noticed ... irrespective of caste creed sex race and geography ,.... female hated the female counterpart more or most then the males <~~~ never understood why females hates thier own gender....... We Males ... Adore , respect,... And completely surrender to female gender who is our creator...

A Germ

Pri said...

@ aarti
lol!! already got lectured on that :p

@ a germ
i think u r looking too deep into the post dude...
we all know that the war between the martians and venutians is long goin on...but each is still a 'necessary evil' to the other...lol!!

Ankur said...


no cure.. huh.. wat kinda doc u r yaa.. :P

Stil.. i hope i will get one.. :D

P.S. yes one punctuation can make a hell lot of difference.. yes..it has... :P
and i m sorry about the tears part, but did not mean it in this way, cant argue even. Just tat my experience tells me tat women are, it just seems tat we do... :)

Anonymous said...

loveisillusion.blogspot wali nisha :(

Anonymous said...

loveisillusion.blogspot wali nisha :(

Anonymous said...

No wonder you are from venus! you know what i mean ;)

Pri said...

@ g
that was a sorry example of plagerism :-/
if u still dint get it, check out the title to the post ...heehee

Anonymous said...

actually, that was merely a response in your own words, with a presumption that you are smart enough to figure out how a post with this title look if i were to write one! :)
it's the basic hormonal difference, doc!
so, why not just accept it than the eternal ranting about a can't-live-with-you-can't-live-without-you situation! ;)

Pri said...

@ g
hmm that would be an interesting excuse for procrastinating had i tagged u...typically martian!! :D

well well whats life without a rant once in a while isnt it??
would be too boring if we just started accepting differences on a genetic basis like that..dont u think??

Anonymous said...

hehe.. it'll be a never-ending procrastination if you tag me.. i am not into writing blogs and don't see it happening anytime :P
about the latter part, in that case i guess i have become too selective about when and where to rant ;) and discovered ways to have fun by harmonizing instead!
serious education also eventually induces dormancy perhaps! ;)

Pri said...

oh okk...in that case, thanks for dropping by and commenting on here...:)

hope to seeya around more often...

Anonymous said...


complicated feelings hmph!

Pri said...

@ veens
well...who would know best? ;)
will take up solitaires challenge of '10 things i like bout guys' soon enough ...u can reserve the complicated feelings comment for later :p

Anonymous said...

10 things i like bout guys'

hmphh now that is interesting :D

I love that.. TAG me too ok?


i might be the first person, asking to be tagged

did i miss Solitaire's post? I guess so.. i dint see.. her doing anything like this :)

Solitaire said...


Look at the statement this guy has on his page about "stupid bitches driving"!!!

Some things never change.

Pri said...

@ veens
naah she dint do the tag...she jus put forth the idea in my comment section...
and i thought i'd take it up someday...
would definitely tag u for it...heehee

@ solitaire
hmm...though i guess that comment was restricted to the two females who were reckless enough to hit and run isnt it?..so maybe its kinda justified...