December 17, 2009

a quick note

sorry for not being regular on here..Life has been a frenzy of events lately---some which are better off not explained.
one thing i can say is that this month has seen the heights of quirkiness in me to the extent that the only person who faced the maximum brunt of the quirkiness has declared me 'insane' and im sure im going to be stuck with that label for a long long time to come...sigh!

december has already shown me the 'trough'..
am looking forward to the 'crest' now..

keeping my fingers crossed,



Sam said...

hello :) how u doin'? :P

Princess said...

January will bring the crest and you will see the changes by 25th dec..

my wishes are with you.

Suree said...

you will find the crest soon buddy..

Dont Worry Be Happy..

Ru. said...

if the inter is here, can summer be far behind?
my wishes for u ....

Ankur said...


Nidz said...

things will be fine soon. Dnt lose hope. smile cuz there may b no tomorrow :)

Nidz said...

things will be fine soon. Dnt lose hope. smile cuz there may b no tomorrow :)

ash89 said...

hope things get okay soon. Tc sweetheart!

Anonymous said...
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Pri said...

@ sumit
that question always has one stereotyped answer doesnt it? :)

@ princess
u almost sound like a professional clairvoyent :D
but either ways im not complaining..thanks so much for that assurance.

@ suree
trying to...keeping my fingers crossed :)

@ melee
thanks dear.
thats a nice far as i can remember its been a pretty long winter now.
and its about time that logic worked :)

Pri said...

@ ankur
thanks..i will :)

@ sweet addiction
///smile cuz there may b no tomorrow :)///

hmmm..but the question is how does one smile 'today' when there might be no 'tomorrow'?? :)

@ ash89
thanks dear...tumhari iss 'hope' per hope karne ka mann ho raha hain :)

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

same here.. going through a low phase, hence almost stopped blogging.. hoping good times are around the "new year" corner

Sapna said...

Believe everything happens for a reason.If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life
would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

Take care

Pri said...

@ roshan r
that makes two of us hoping that :)

@ sapna
thats where the problem lies..half of the things happening feel 'just not worth it'!!
but i guess il'l try to think of the other half and stay happy :)

Butterflies said...

Hey Priya...been following your blog for a have a great blog and wonderful thoughts!!