December 26, 2009

of december , realisations and positive resolutions...

When someone you had considered most genuine lets you down, that is when it hurts the most.
but the good thing is---along with the bitterness and regret, also comes an elimination of priorities and ironically an equal fairness in life.
Sometimes when you keep ignoring the thousand signs which come your way, life decides to impart one final hard blow which is much needed to knock you back into your senses and teach you that nobody is different...

and its only when that happens, that you realise that its YOU who needs to be indifferent!!

The rose coloured glasses are off and this time around ive crushed them for good!
and to my surprise, i think it has made me completely at peace with myself and reality!

In hindsight maybe i should have crushed them a long time back---they just blurred the whole picture...
'pink' is a pretty colour but life has a whole lot of other shades too!

so cheers to all the others

cheers to the 'new' me that december 09 has managed to bring around by putting to rest some issues in its own ironical little way.

and last but not the least, cheers to life!

Lets hope 2010 is a good year for all of us.
my wishes for the festive season and a wonderful new year ahead..

love and regards to all the genuine people in my life!!


sri said...

very wisely put abt the signs and hard blow, Lets hope 2010 is good for all! Happy new year!

Siddhesh Kabe said...

yay... Happy new year, lets hope this 2010 is a good year for us...:D

ash89 said...

omg..that was so true. Sometimes life shakes u hard and thts wen u learn ur lessons!!
I hope 2010 is a better year... Hope its good for all of us. Happy new year!

Amandeep Singh said...

Well what you did is a good thing...It is..Time to move on..
Life is calling you!

Happy New year buddy!

Dheeraj Bansal said...
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Canary said...

Thanks and Happy new year to you too... May the next year be better for everybody... :)

khushi said...

no archies card to give
no buquet of flowers to send
no chocolates to offer
just a caring heart to wish a sweet person like you a very happy year 2010.

GOD bless!

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Experience is the best teacher. Here's to a wiser 2010. Cheers!