March 26, 2010

cryptic thoughts #4

...and actually there are just two types of people in this world---strangers we think we know and strangers we know we dont...


Suree said...

and on which category i fall in :P

RamNarayanS said...

You are too sarcastic!

Matangi Mawley said...

a thought which everyone has.. bt i m seeing it for the first time in words..

Anonymous said...

very meaningful!

WritingsForLife said...

ahh kidna true. Sometimes we do know people or we spend our lives trying to know. :-)

Pri said...

@ suree
a little bit of both, i guess! :)

@ rammmm
i get a lot of that from ppl..ive begun taking pride in it! ;)

@ matangi mawley
i guess not everyone dares to put it in words even though they could...i dont blame them..its the fear of losing what and whom they have! :)

@ anonymous
danke! :)

@ raaji
correction there--we 'think' we know them!
and most of the times we are too well satisfied with that thought to try and think any different...

@ holy trance
its easy when it keeps confirming itsself :)

Anonymous said...

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