April 20, 2010

cryptic thoughts #5

emotional paralysis!!


phatichar said...

heyyyy..long time here. whz with the emotionally athyachaarish post! ;-)

chill, girl.

Lucifer said...


WritingsForLife said...

can they really be paralyzed? Can you tell me how to do that please? :-)

phatichar said...

how've you been?

Pri said...

@ phatichar
yeps, been quite some time.
its nice to see you around here.hows u?

@ mayz
me, itthe hi--someplace between reality and neverland!
tussi sunao..tuadda ki haal aa? :)

@ raaji
emotional paralysis cannot be induced..it almost always is inflicted and is usually the end stage of extreme emotional vulnerability.
it is a comfortable state no doubt, but the fence which keeps out the pain also keep out the happiness..so be careful of what u are wishing for :)

Suree said...

emotional paralysis ...does this really exists? or is it ur creation?

Deepak said...

emotional paralysis????? could not understand the term.

nice to know u r a punjabi.

Pri said...

@ suree
what do u think??

@ deepak
i think its pretty self explanatory isnt it?
but trust me, you are better off not understanding what it means..

ohh and btw, im not punjabi :)

Deepak said...

i meant, i understood but could not digest. i think its above my level. lolzz

RiĆ  said...

:( Hope all is well!?

Pri said...

@ deepak
like i said, you are lucky! :)

@ ria
no worries..it was just a cryptic thought :)

obssesor said...

suprisingly happens a lot..the only way to beat is to trust that a better dawn awaits!!