July 28, 2010

cryptic thoughts #14

have you noticed that i hardly ever use fullstops??
its mostly always those three little dots after every sentence...

maybe its because subconsciously somewhere, i leave scope for continuity even when there is none...
somewhere within me, there is this faint voice which nudges me to think that something somewhere is incomplete..that there is a lot more that needs to be said before things are put to an end..
perhaps it signifies something unfinished...something which lingers on even after everything seems to have been said and done..

its not a good habit, they tell me...

Maybe they are right--i need to learn to use fullstops.


Tweety said...

and maybe you don't...and i would second you because i have a similar thing..i wont say a problem..becuz i dont consider it...mainly because there is always more...after all even a full stop doesn't mean and end...it is just a new beginning...:)

Lady Whispers said...

Well...i am similar like u then :)....i so often used those continuing stops then full stops...because even when u put an end to words...there is lot that can interpreted, left unsaid or just a lot....I love the need for more ...life will be boring with just fullstops isn't it?

Priya Joyce said...

I do the same :P
I do tat cos it looks gud :P
dunno subconsciously wats the reason tho :D

tere followers ko kya hua? 100 the? 99 ho gaye? :D:D

Pri said...

@ priya joyce
well, dig a little deeper..its not called a cryptic thought just like that..its never as superficial as it may sound :)

about the followers---like i said in my 100th follower anniversary post--yeh toh hona hi tha..kisi ka pyaar bahot hi conditional tha! :p

Anonymous said...

i read yr blogs everyday and i luv the way u write.
reading u makes me feel close to u.
i hav read right frm the first beginning of the blog jst to know u better.
please keep writing

lots of love and hugs

Pri said...

@ anonymous
thankyou for the kind words :)

AB said...

Keeping all the philosophies aside, I would say, its your unique style which makes you different. And believe me each one of us want's to have a distinct recognizable identity.
And yours is cool... we like it :-)

aditi said...

Life has no real fullstops...only these 3 beautiful dots...nice post:)