July 15, 2010

greetings from the blog-diva....ahem!






*regains composure and now gets slightly embarrassed at her behaviour*

dont look at me like that...i have been trying to reason with my heart to be all mature and lady like..but it just plain refused and did that 'raa-rapaat-raapchik...' thing..

as they say, dil toh baccha hain jee :p

i tried telling it that the title may be snatched away tomorrow itsself when someone decides to work on a whim, get all sadistic and remove their name off from here..sigh!
but the idiotic little enthusiast that it is, covinced me tht i should enjoy the MOMENT and not worry because even if it doesnt last, celebrating it just means that it existed and was acknowledged!!

so now we reveal the secret--the discovery we have just made and are refusing to get over--
*drumrolls and rainbow confetti in the background*


now--just-how--cool-is-that??!! moi is flattered!! :D :D

i dedicate this song to my blog and all those who follow it---

so here's a big thankyou to all of you---even the silent ones who dont always voice their opinion but are with me no less--raise your champaigne glasses please!
*throws kisses in the air..takes a bow...and walks off grinning gracefully into the sunset*


Priya Joyce said...

tat means I am a celeb frm last 3 months ...oh GOD :P

Pri said...

@ pj
tch tch..and u dint notice??!!

why have people forgotten to enjoy the small things in life? *goes into thinking mode* :D

Lady Whispers said...

wow so cool :D
That the way to live gal...enjoy to ultimate thats like it :D
Congrats congrats :D

Pri said...

@ pj
like SEE, u even forgot to thank me for the lovely song..
hmpf!! :-/

Pri said...

@ scribbling girl
THANKYOUUU..i knew i could count on you to enjoy my moment with me! ;D

Lucifer said...

congratulations!!! open a bottle of Fenny n drink into the night!!! My narcissism really rubbin off on ya na

Pri said...

@ mayz
i dont like fenny...will settle for chardonay.
you have an extra shot of vodka next month..the treat's on me! ;D

Anonymous said...

could not help notice u dun follow anyone??
i loved the post thou n the blog too :-)


Pri said...

@ anonymous aka mike
well, that is my own little twisted way of finding unconditional love around here :p
these hundred are the few who have not unfollowed me even after seeing tht i haven't followed any of them in return :)

not to be confused with me not liking their blogs...afterall, wht makes u think has made me stick around for so long?

Tweety said...

pri i am new to your blog..but i loved reading it...so glad to be the part of this list :)

Deepak said...

congrats for getting 100 followers. but it's strange to know that u don't follow any. But i think u should read them, silently though. At least they deserve this little thing. i follow u too :)

Pri said...

@ tweety
thanks...im only honoured to have u here :)

@ deepak
i think my reply to 'anonymous' aka mike above should clarify your doubt and explain my stand...

ofcourse i read blogs and never silently..infact im quite addicted to a few.
jst tht sometimes time doesnt permit me to visit them as regularly as i'd like to! :(

and i dont 'follow' blogs because then i start feeling committed to them and not visiting them regularly makes me feel im letting them down if i cant keep up to their updates..
sigh! i know i know..im complicated like that :-/

besides one more important reason is that its really amusing to see how some people 'unfollow' your blog if u dont 'follow' them within a week or so ;p

so in my own twisted way, it helps me differenciate the genuines from the fakes! :)

Deepak said...

don't worry, I will not 'unfollow' ur space :) its been an interesting bonding. like ur blog very much :)

Pri said...

@ deepak (continued from my reply to u)
u said--///At least they deserve this little thing///

ofcourse they do...they deserve a lot more...and i wish i could read them all as often as i'd like to..

and rest assured that is something which i will definitely try to change :)

Pri said...

@ deepak
thanks so much...but u have already managed to prove your genuineness much before u even said that :)

normally those who just follow my blog to get me following theirs, unfollow me within a span of 5-7 days of realising that i dont follow any blogs..lol! ;p
but thts wht adds to the hidden humour of the blog world..

Deepak said...

I wish that ur wish come true :)

Pri said...

@ deepak
wish?? kaunsi wish?? *am confused*

Deepak said...

u said 'i wish i could read them all as often as i'd like to..'

that one :) confusion over???

(this is the first time I'm chatting with someone through comments ... hehehe...)

Pri said...

@ deepak
hanji..bilkul over! thankyou :D

Nikita said...

we want a party...
i ahd started following you just a few weeks back..so,new followers need a party...hehe..

always be happy..hope to see 1000 soon..

god bless you..

Nidz said...

warm Welcome Pri. We love reading ur blog.

Pri said...

@ nikita
thanks dear..will let you know the time and place ;)

@ nidz
tht is so sweet of you..thankyou :)

The Enchantress said...

me waiting for the time and place...