August 23, 2010

cryptic thoughts #16

Sometimes avoiding someone is not the best way to fall out of love with them....because then your heart sits with the perfect image you might have created of him/her and refuses to let go.
perceptions and images get altered with time and situations..and before you know it, you are not in love anymore--and you realise that the impossible has happened--you have moved on..

its true, too much of familiarity at times does breed contempt!!


Lucifer said...

very true!!!
thou i still think avoidin someone does work most of the times

moi said...

QUITE true!! but avoiding helps in a way.

Anonymous said...

Love how aptly you capture thoughts!

But I'd rather preserve the perfect picture in the long run. Given time, I would eventually move on for sure. All that remains; always; is the memory of the perfect picture and sometimes the hurtful pang that accompanies it...

Priya Joyce said...

Hw vy trueeeeee!!

we gotta be with them know them more hate them then get over them :P