August 24, 2010

if we ever meet again...

if we ever meet again,
i will tell you a story...
a story of two strangers,
of smiles exchanged and laughter shared,
of friendship which grew stronger everyday,
of memories so unintentionally created,
of patting backs and shaking hands,
of coffee conversations and secrets shared,
of a tinge of wonder and a sense of pride,
of blossoming love and unaware minds,
of innocent feelings and rainbow dreams,
of blissfully wishing over shooting stars,
of sleepless nights and silent thoughts,
of two strangers who became friends--just like that!

if we ever meet again,
i will tell you a story...
a story of the same two strangers,
of their life now--how it took a turn,
of pleasantries exchanged and tears suppressed,
of bonds losing strength by the day,
of memories screaming out to be erased,
of turning backs and leaving sides,
of awkward conversations and secrets kept,
of a sense of pain and a tinge of regret,
of wilting love and conscious hearts,
of selfish feelings and broken dreams,
of shedding tears over shooting stars,
of different worlds and tainted thoughts,
of two friends who became strangers--just like that!

if we ever meet again,
i will tell you a story...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

If we ever meet again,
I'll tell you a story,
that has a Me, that has a You...

Beautiful expression Pri...
keep rocking

Blasphemous Aesthete

Unknown said...


triloki nagpal said...

Very nice ...

Meera Parameswaran said...

wow, sweet n nice :)

Sushant Shekhar said...

Two strangers who became friends....loved the way you added "JUST LIKE THAT"! :)..Very nice!

Lady Whispers said...

Only if we meet again...Sigh!

Gaurav Kant Goel said...

Beautiful words! So clean expression of feelings...Glad I discovered your blog.... :)

Gaurav Kant Goel said...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome poetry.. keep it up!!!

PS: U dont know me.. nor do I know u:) Just bumped into ur blog