October 05, 2010

the dilemma of a confused heart...

if faced with a choice, whom would you rather choose----someone whose absense has made you shed a million tears or someone whose presence has made you smile a million smiles?

while in the former case--the tears stand in testimony of how vulnerable your heart is to that special someone and hence proof of your love for him, in the latter scenario---the smiles stand as evidence to how happy you can be with that other someone..

so who according to you, does the 'confused' heart really love??

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this post is triggered off by a conversation i had with a friend who is faced with a similar complicated situation in which the guy who had broken up with her has apparently realised and come back in her life...the dilemma ia however, due to this wonderful other guy who managed to become her friend and confidante and get her smiling even during this horrible post breakup phase..
while she is still in love with the ex, a small part of her heart is pulled in another direction---and hence the confusion!!

P.S: this is based on a real life situation and has no correlation whatsoever with "anjaana anjaani" (though we did have the conversation only after watching the movie which she, by the by, ironically found extremely 'filmy' and 'unrealistic'..lol!!)


Arv said...

Well mate... I believe that this decision depends more on other reasons too apart from just the smiles/tears factor... they both are gonna be there in every relationship :)

Nidz said...

this situation is normal. happens to all. happened to me!! just read out the post to my roomie.. She said it happened to her too :P
Post break up period are weak period whr in if any one given u attention u buy it no matter how expensive it is.

aditi said...

One needs to be sure all doors are closed before opening a new one. She needs to explore the past to know if the present is the best or not.