November 09, 2010

a happy beginning...

guess what, the confused friend who i had mentioned here, has decided to get married...she is convinced that she wants to spend the rest of her life with the guy who loves her..the 'small' pull she was facing seemed pretty big enough to make her take the plunge!!
and for all those who are wondering who amongst the two the lucky guy is, let me tell you that the ex is included in the guest list :)

personally, i being a fan of the "one-man woman" logic was a bit surprised to hear the news..but she did manage to convince me of her decision when she explained to me how this guy understands her perfectly and cares much much more than the ex ever could..
and then she said a very sensible thing which for some reason, had me thinking for a long time after..she said "shaadi ke baad toh pyaar thoda kam ho hi jata hai..if the guy (read the 'ex') takes me so much for granted before marriage, the you can imagine how he would treat me later if i become his wife"

some people make it sound so simple dont they? and it does make so much sense too...sigh!

i guess when the moment is right, falling in love (or in some cases, falling out of it) is destiny!!
anyhoo, i guess alls well that ends well---the confusion has finally been sorted.
and our anjaani has found her anjaana..and they have found their happily-ever-after...

kahani poori filmi hain..but love has its own way it seems :)

here's wishing the couple a whole lot of happiness in the times to come!!


wildflower said...

Rright! Kahani poori filmy hai~! :)

Lady Whispers said...

Sigh .....such decisions......thsough sometimes the loved never come back......the one who loves makes us realize getting love is much satisfying.....even a part of us still find something missing.....pyaar to ho hi jata hai.....its the love we receive that makes life easier.....funny ways of love.

rahul said...

i am happy for the couple too :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

She took a very sane decision.

Pri said...

@ wildflower of those rare occasions when real life turns as sweet as reel life :)

@ scriling girl
i agree...though hers wud have been a much tougher choice to make, had she not have fallen out of love till then---its good that there is no more confusion and tht its a smooth beginning :)

Pri said...

@ rahul

@ blasphemous aesthete convinced too!! :)

Biya said...

LoL.. cute lil story.. few twists per nice one