November 21, 2010

men in my life...

I was asked to take up this tag by tinker bell which requires me to list out my crushes--be it from the past or the present.
and perhaps its about time i spilled the here goes, for all those who are aware and for those who are not---

Doogie Howser
---my sole crush during school days..i literally worshipped him..needless to say he majorly influenced me academically in those gullible years, that it makes me wonder sometimes what profession i would have landed in, had i to fall in love with Vito Corleone instead..

Rick Castle
--this, i believe was more of a 'crush at first sight' thingy...but i gotta admit i was quite a fan of the 'castle-beckett' chemistry..

John big--i think every girl who is a SATC fan definitely has had a crush on him..and im not different!
sigh! if only he was a little less confused!! but then again, nobodys's perfect :-|

SRK---well, i think im over him..cant deny the fact that i found him extremely cute during my college days..and then for a long time after, i kept defending him (for old times sake)..but i am no longer a sucker for the 'cute guy' image anymore.
sorry shahrukh, this woman has stepped out of her girly fairytale world...
neverthless, just for the records...

Chandler--- my crush from the good old "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" days---just another college crush

---err..i am not sure if i could call this just a crush...

Rick blaine---*swoons* I AM DEAD SURE THIS WAS IS LOVE!!!!!
i fell i love with him watching casablanca
sigh! sigh! sigh!

Dev Anand (from his films of yore ofcourse)
--this could be a little biased since im a real sucker for music and he always got the best songs...but i still think that no other actor from his era could have enacted them with greater finesse..
yea a typical 'chocolate hero' but show me a woman who doesn't like a little sensitiveness (not to be confused with mush though) in a man :-|

cole turner--*speechless* (he sure knows how to 'charm' a woman..only a guy that handsome can afford to have an attitude like his..sigh!)

err..okies..time for a abrupt halt..yours truly needs to disconnect from these dream boats for a bit--more important things, waiting for her you see..*sports a lazy garfield grin*
so i guess that's all for now people!!

ahem! afterall some secrets aka crushes are best left undisclosed...innit?? *blush blush blush*

so curb your curiosity amigos...maybe another time..maybe another day!! ;)

till then, here's to cupid--


Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

the castle beckett chemistry really is something, aint it?

JustSo said...

:) like all men on that list :)

Lucifer said...

interestin tag. now how abt some men from ur real life?

Pri said...

@ pythortoshan

@ justso
hmm...i hope im not having competition ;)

@ mayz
touche!! ;)

Tiffany Haich said...

interestin tag. now how abt some men from ur real life?