January 11, 2011

Black-and-white v/s colour

life in 'black & white' has always been the simpler option..the easier one to lead.
The greys can only confuse us and colours, most often than not, prove to be just a passing phase--an illusion!

yet colours are far more fascinating to the human eye and greys carry with them hopes of endless possibilities, which even though out of reach are something the heart doesn't want to give up on.

Perhaps thts exactly why we often see things in 'black & white' only in hindsight. It is only then that we realise that had we not spent so much time in searching for those elusive 'colours' and deciphering (or trying to decipher) those confusing 'greys', life would have been so much less complicated.

Having realised the ephemerality of the whole situation, our heart silently promises our mind that it would never fall prey to these rose tinted mirages again.

...until one day, suddenly out of the blues, we see a palette full of colours lying around somewhere.

The heart skips a beat..the mind reminds it of its promise.

The heart does a flip flop..the mind tries to fight it.

The heart fights back claiming it has a mind of its own.............and the mind is speechless and left in awe and disgust knowing its about to be ignored again.

...and so, the heart which has ironically changed colours on seeing colours, leaves the baffled mind and rushes right back to square one--painting pictures again...

"colours are funnnnnn..we would never have a masterpiece if it wasn't for them!!"
the heart exclaims, splashing a few drops here and there.

"they can get washed away into nothing too..they are not permanent.Stay within the limits of the black and white world, lest they wash you away with them" warns the mind.

"Ohh get lost, killjoy!! I dont need you here.How can you forget that one can only sketch in black and white.I am an artist who has always hoped to create a masterpiece someday and i think, i have found my paradise"

"hmm..until we meet again, my friend..all the best, until we meet again" the skeptic mind sighs as it bids farewell to the mesmerised heart.

...and the sky is adorned with a rainbow of several hues, as the sun shines with contentment and the clouds hold greys of distant yet beautiful possibilities, once again, making the world feel like a dream---transient yet resplendent...

yea..its true..dreamers never learn!! :)


WritingsForLife said...

ah so true :-)

Tanz said...

But isnt it also true that "Nothing happens unless first a dream" :)

Pri said...

@ tanz
never denied that..have just tried to encapsulate the perspective of the mind and the heart.
I believe both are right in their own way :)

aditi said...

So beautifully expressed!

Saswati Bose said...

ur imagination is 2 gud...hats off !!!

Pri said...

@ aditi
thanks dear..was just thinking about the eternal conflict we as humans often face, and it inspired this piece :)

@ saswati
haha..thankyou!! :D

Sam said...

well said. now between colours and black n white, I think it depends on the occassion/situation doesn't it? Or may be I'm convoluting theories.

Pri said...

@ sumit
yes it does..hope (signified y colour) is the main support system of a dreamers life..
life without hope would be empty...futile!
but clarity (symbolised by the very basic 'b&w') is also equally important..
i believe there should be a balance of both (which im aware is rather tough to achieve) coz more often than not, we fail to realise that 'colours' are just 'white' mixed with a few other shades :)