January 03, 2011


a few questions from rahul...a few answers from me
some cryptic..some pretty straight...some might not be what meets the eye...while some are crystal clear--tags are fun that way.


I hope to..
stick to my decisions for 2011!

I hope not to..
stay stuck up or upset myself with things that are already in the past!

I want to..
move on..and with luck, move forward!

I don’t want to..
think about the could-have/should-have/would-have been's!

I should have..

I shouldn’t have..
given things so many chances!

I could have..
totally lost my mind!

I couldn’t have..
lost my self respect, ever!

I did..
what i thought was best!

I did not..
expect someone i'd considered so close, to break my trust like that!

I wish..
i had known earlier!

I regret..
forming too high an opinion and falling in love with it!

I should..
understand that some priorities change with time!

I should not..
unnecessarily panic and jump to conclusions! (yea i do that sometimes)

I could..
try and improve my patience levels with irritating people who totally drain you of your energy!

I couldn’t
believe it until i sat and made a note of all the issues which i had been consciously neglecting!

I never thought..
it would turn out the way it eventually did!

I always thought..
i'd see you again!

i remember...
almost everything except birthdays..lol!!

i find it easy...
to forget you if you dont like me!

i find it tough...
to forgive easily!

i am...
just me..simply me..always me!

i cannot be...
anyone else..and frankly, im very comfortable with that fact!


now's my turn to tag (phew! i cant recall the last time i had posted a meme around here.whats with the giving me so much space, people?? :-|)

anyhoo, i pass on the honour to---
triloki nagpal
sarah malik
holy trance

and last but not the least, whoever has the time and interest to take it up.

live and let live!


rantravereflect/ jane said...

:) yesssss! well, fankly ma dear, i like it wen people are comfortable in their skin :) Happy New Year!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

:) yesssss! well, fankly ma dear, i like it wen people are comfortable in their skin :) Happy New Year!

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

will take it up.. probably my last post as a bachelor :)

Tanz said...

Loved the way u took up this tag!

R said...

full marks ;)

Pri said...

@ jane
same here.
Afterall, the most important form of love is self love ;)

@ pythoroshan
yea, please do..would love to read it--would be a celebratory post! :D

Pri said...

@ tanz
Danke!! :)
please feel free to take up the tag if you like.

@ R
haha..thankyou..though i had absolutely no idea it was an exam :P