May 30, 2011

keep the distance!!

There is a painting on a distant wall..

I stare at it long enough and then wonder what details the artist has tried to capture in it.

I go closer to appreciate those details..closer...more closer...

and then there comes a point where everything appears a blur.

but the dreamer in me, who is much too intrigued by then, ignores the haze and keeps going closer trying to build up the clarity believing what she perhaps 'wants' to believe.
until slowly and surely, i start seeing a pattern in the blur...a pattern so beautiful that even the artist cannot have had imagined...a pattern which probably is not even meant to exist.

Dazzled by my own imagination, i continue staring at it, appreciating its beauty more with my heart than with my eyes...until..someone standing at a distance comes up to me and sniggers.

That is when i get angry, dare he ridicule me---he who is too blind to see this beautiful pattern!

It is only when i am held by the hand and taken back to where i once stood, that i manage to understand the truth of the situation.

It is only eons of reflective contemplation later, that i realise that viewing the picture from a distance always helps see a clearer image...the picture as it actually is...that perhaps the painting isn't as rosy afterall...

...and that probably it never was!!

Sometimes i forget to keep the distance--atleast until life in its own little weird way, reminds me of it..
and I guess im thankful.....for these careful reminders & timely realisations!!


Red Handed said...

beautifully written...

Unknown said...

very well written!Reading between the lines made it all the more awesome!

Chandana said...

Nicely put.. same thing applies to 'life' too in a way! :)

Vyankatesh said...

Wonderful thoughts!!

Very deep!!

A view from the sidelines or distance does offer distinctive insights!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Why does it feel like I have read these lines before, the opening lines, a large part of it. Somewhere, probably here? Is my memory serving me well, or am just having Deja Vu?

Blasphemous Aesthete

Madhav Mishra said...

nicely written,wish i could express like this *sigh*

Unknown said...

nice one.
a book can never be read if too close to the eyes..!

Pri said...

@ red handed
thankyou :)

@ akanksha
im glad u read into it :)

Pri said...

@ the girl@firstavenue
thanks...that was exactly the whole point of the post!! :)

@ vyankatesh
glad u agree :)

Pri said...

@ Blasphemous Aesthete
i must say im flattered...this is a repost..something which happened recently made me dig it out & post it up again.
it was first written here---

im glad it had an impact worth remembering..
u made my day..thankyou!! :)

Pri said...

@ maniac hunter
thanks for the kind words..just listen to your heart & write what it says :)

Pri said...

@ solitaire
true...that is when we who are already in love with the cover, let our imagination rule & imagine something much more eternal than the actual story :)

keeping a distance helps read the story as it is...

Anish said...

IT MIGHT TURN OUT TO BE AWFUL IN TEH END , BUT I GUESS ITS A JOURNEY NONE THE LESS AND EVEN IF UNINTENTIONAL , 'THE PATTERN' DOES EXIST,some just find it ,some choose not to and some spend time thinking probably they should never had........
the picture stays there, unmindful of
how it has shaken stuff up!