June 28, 2011

its time you retired, mister cupid!!

Hey you, cupid,

Yea, its you im talking to--i do not want to get into useless pleasantries..have never been the hypocrite to use one when i don't mean it.
You are the least bit 'dear' to me..so the possibility of me addressing you as so, even in a letter, just does not exist.

So lets get straight to the point.
Isn't it time you stopped picking on me?
I mean, in 'true' casablanca style---out of all the lives of all the people of all the world, do you have to walk into mine??

What's it with you really? for a toddler with diapers, you seem too much of a grinch nowadays.
Ive seen so many people around me dying to experience this feeling called 'love' and you act like they dont exist..turn your back on them..go into ignore mode.

Dude seriously, you need to get a grip on yourself!

Stop dropping in unexpected like this..dont you see the huge sign marked 'visitors not allowed' pinned up by my mind on the front door of my heart?
I mean i know love is 'blind' & all that jazz..but don't you dare use that excuse.
My poor mind has almost gone hoarse screaming 'no entry' even at the slightest sign of your arrival.
so...what then? Have you gone 'hard of hearing' too??

or wait a minute..are you really that sadistic?
I see 'miss A' pining to experience the love she has read of in books & fairytales..she tells me that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.Her heart is adorned frills & fancy with 'welcome signs' and flowery hopes to grace your arrival.
but no!! you choose to ignore her and walk right ahead.

then there is 'Mr B', who is waiting.
waiting for what you ask?
waiting for his 'miss right'.
waiting for you to grace his heart with your presence & give him that one signal he needs.
He has fallen for your evil clone earlier or so he says (i still think it was you in disguise though) and had his heart broken.
but the eternal optimist that he is, has managed to keep his trust in you all intact.
and what do you do?
You leave his beckoning heart aside and walk right ahead, while he sighs & tells himself that perhaps the time is not right.
bullshit i say!!
You have other plans..evil plans..for someone else...for me!!

'Miss C' is waiting too..
Amidst sobs and sniffles, she tells me that you had knocked on her heart sometime back but apparently when she had proceeded to open the door to let that 'special someone' in. she had realised you hadn't knocked at his.
the story had then gone on..with 'miss hope' intervening..crashing..building..crashing..building..and so on..

end result---she is still waiting for you to knock at his door and make him notice how much she loves him.
ofcourse 'miss hope' frequents her far less often nowadays..but you???--you seem to have plain forgotten the whole story!!!

Why? why? WHY??!
let me tell you why..
yes mister evil cupid, i have you all figured out now.

you have got this evil streak in you which most fail to notice.
I have almost been in all the above situations, 'almost' because unlike A, B and C, i accepted that you are just a retarded dwarf who wants to screw up everyone's life---especially mine.

Don't you get it?
Avoiding you has taken up almost my entire life.
Well ive had my share of believing in fairytales..and then had a long and tough struggle unbelieving them too.
so when im completely okay and at peace with myself, why is it that you plan to threaten my peaceful existence?
Dont you realise that your mood swings turn my whle life topsy turvy thus triggering off my mood fluctuations and temper tantrums..for which you, unfortunately are never held responsible out of fear that itl'l give me away.

see mr cupid, lets get this straight ok?
you are like the hypothetical breath of fresh air, which in reality ive heard people complain to be a stinkbomb after a while.
you are the cant-live-without frshness which ive heard people rant they cant live with, with time.
you are the fairytale which clashes with reality & eventually laughs at you for being naive.
you are the eternal love story which is later brutally made to end with the silliest reason in the world or sometimes with no reason at all.
you are the pleasant 'gmornings' & loving 'gnites' that slowly turn into compulsory rituals and proceed to evaporate into fizzles of embarassment in the company of friends as times goes by..
you are the constant addiction which sooner or later turns into a distant memory, one which is either recalled after a fight with the spouse or under the influence of a little too much of inebriation.

naah, don't get me wrong..im neither jaded nor bitter at you.
Sure there are days when cynicism becomes my weapon and life, my punching bag.
Its not like i never believed in you..i did.
There was a time when i actually survived on the concept of true immortal love as depicted in the tales of yore--of Juliet being serenaded by a love lost Romeo..of the heroic Paris & his love for Helena..of Layla & Majnu..of Darcy & Elizabeth..and needless to mention our KJO woven bubble gum love stories which still manage to create a ripple of senseless expectatins in the youth of today.

Ive been through all that & more..infact i still enjoy reading/watching/hearing a love story--i guess that fairytale element in a woman is something that never dies and im no exception.

However, its just that im not too sure if im comfortable with your modern day 'fast track' avtaar, you know---the one who cheats..who lies..who betrays..who stabs in the back..who thinks of love as something akin to a commodity.who doesn't believe in trust, honesty, commitment---the one that i have seen roaming around a little too much nowadays.

and so when i want to revel in your glory, i find it easier to revert to printed love stories, chickflics and romantic classics.

I agree i still find it more consoling to write about some never heart..never seen caricature of love which stems from my imagination and comes to life on paper or blog.
You might think im a romantic and perhaps that is why you hover around me like this.
but please let me clarify---im more of a realist..fully aware that you, cheeky cherub with all your treacherous plans, just don't fit the bill.

In fact, all that ive seen, heard and felt around me is that 98% of the times, you seem to sign a pact with mister murphy and work as a team.
So im not getting fooled by your cute starting act---thankyou very much!!

Hmmm..coming to the long & short of it---for heaven's sake and for the sake of you, me and all humanity, please leave me alone from now on and FOCUS!!
Focus on those who want to experience your black magic instead.

They tell me that i can run but cant hide.no matter how disillusioned i get, you will catch up with me, they say..bah!

Im tired of running mister cupid, lets strike a deal instead.
Lets end it on a friendly note and agree to accept that we are just not meant to be.
You go your separate way & il'l go mine before this gets ugly.

As E. Y. Harburg rightly said,
"O innocent victims of Cupid, Remember this terse little verse..To let a fool kiss you is stupid...To let a kiss fool you is worse"

Someday if you make my heart go tachycardic, il'l think of you and pop in an 'anti-anxiety' pill to calm my nerves..
and someday, if you feel the tempt to pay me a chaotic visit, please with all due respect, spare me the torture & IGNORE it.

with minimal regards & lukewarm wishes,



Tanz said...

What if cupid really replies??!! ;)

KKG said...

Loved it Pri!!
lol :))

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Oh my my, the cupid has really picked a fight with the wrong person and is now the cause of the manic panicky situation here?

But, actually, I do see a point here, you might not totally be wrong, at least you have the pills. :P

Interesting post Pri :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...

Cupid is the devil's lovechild. :P

Cindrella said...

Aww!! that's so sweet post!! Little Mr. Cupid sounds so cute, naughty and devilish here!! Loved your writing!!

And hey...hope you get to sign the pact with little naughty guy or he will have you fall with his flowery wits and powers!! beware!! :P

Kamikaze said...

Awesome! I think we oughtta mass forward this to cupid. A totally ROFL post this - reflecting Cent per cent my thoughts :) Love's good if taken this lightly :D

Pri said...

@ tanz
sigh!! i wish that cheeky toddler has the courage to confront me rather than striking unawares *rolls up her sleeves* :-|

Pri said...

@ kavitha

Pri said...

@ blasphemous aesthete
anti anxiety pills can only allay the nervousness he brings about...it can never cushion the fall when he decides to make u trip..sigh!

how i wish he just reads my post and decides to keep away from trouble instead..dont you think that would be easier? :-/

Pri said...

@ the lover
a new twist to greek mythology..me likes!! :P

Pri said...

@ cindrella
bah!! yea..he has managed to create enough trouble around me already..
but then again, maybe the 'no visitors' sign wasn't big enough for the blind bat!! :-/

Pri said...

@ kamikaze
im glad you conform..ive followed it the other way around too--it just ends up with making you feel miserable.

and then again 'duniya mein aur bhi gham hain, ek mohabbat ke siva' :)

Pri said...

@ cooperjal
thankyou :)