June 30, 2011

keep the 'chillar'...oye!!

Tomorrow is marked as a red lettered day in the life of pri :) :) :)
Why you ask?
Well, from tomorrow, 1st july 2011, my friends and family wont have the opportunity to ridicule my err..ummm..singing talent like they have so far been doing.
and who knows, with that soul wrenching demotivation and ego shattering gesture of handing-me-a-25paise-coin-&-giggling-away-to-glory-whenever-i-clear-my-throat-to-sing out of the way, i might just regain my long lost confidence and start with my blood curdling 'rhiyaaz' with new found enthusiasm once again & im sure that soon enough, i will definitely end up becoming the next 'Indian Idol'...er..um..ahem...what-e-ver!!

Now all the Indian Government has to do next, is stop the '50 paise' from circulation so that the phrase 'aamdani atthhanni kharcha rupaiyya' gets out of my way too..and then im sorted!! *heaves a sigh of relief and looks all pleased at the thought*

Anyhoo, with all due respect, i pay my homage and bid goodbye to the oh-so-famous 'chavanni' without whom a lot of fond memories (like those orange toffees, kites, baloons and such other innocent joys of childhood, which costed just 'baara aana' a piece back then) just wouldn't make sense!!!

On a slight philosophical note, perhaps its just another way of life to show us that nothing is constant---yeps, not even 'change'!! :-|


Sairam said...

Quick! Keep practicing. People might start throwing 5 rupee coins at you. But I guess when that time comes you may not be able to buy anything for five rupees as well.

Unknown said...


Tanz said...

Loved it!Especially the last line!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

So, the nightingale will now sing like she doesn't need the money? :D

Nice one,

Blasphemous Aesthete

Sachin Garg said...

Nothing is constant.. not even change..!

Awesome blog.

Sachin Garg

Pri said...

@ sairam
ahem!! i sense sarcasm...the world is a mean place, really! :-|

Pri said...

@ tapas
phew!! you say it best when you say nothing at all :P

Pri said...

@ tanz
ty..ty..true isn't it? :D

Pri said...

@ blasphemous aesthete
yus yus...but first let me buy a sports car with the chavanni's i have collected from family & friends, so far :-|

Pri said...

@ sachin
thankyou...and welcome to my 'nostalgic moments' :)

Suree said...

loved the philosophical note

laddu said...

chill yaar.. i am sure ppl r smart enough to give you 50 paise coins and continue to shatter your ego.. :P:P