March 05, 2014


Last night, after almost an eternity, I dreamt of you again.

It was absurd, the way my dream has changed over the ages. Last night, you were just standing there, in a quiet little corner, smiling to yourself. I seemed busy in a blur of activity---the random humdrum of an otherwise monotonous day. It didn't seem like I did not notice you standing there watching me. But somehow, even in that dream, I was not giving that fact much importance. You didn't say anything. I was speaking to everyone else but you. A loose strand of hair carelessly tucked behind my ear, I was scribbling something furiously on the notepad in hand. I seemed like someone enjoying a lot of responsibility. It seemed you were enjoying it too, watching me like that. But we did not speak, not to each other.

I cannot recall the details but the waking point was the one that surprised me most. There was a merger---a dream plus reality mix...a surreal time travel of sorts, from a reminiscent past to a hypothetical future.

We were suddenly holding another frame...another scene rolling out miles away as if in another time and space.

"Its a small world," you were saying..."We will meet again..."

"Don't be so sure...We might go the rest of our lives pretending the other does not exist."

Then the scene changed, there you were again, standing in one corner of the busy room, smiling softly at who was trying hard to ignore your presence now.
You were still smiling...and as our eyes met, I let out an exasperated sigh.

"So, we meet again," I said and smiled.

"When did we ever part? We were only pretending we did," was your tongue in cheek reply.

..and then I woke up, trying to decipher which half of the merger was more real, the past that  happened (and got left behind), or the future that never will...

Last night, after almost an eternity, I dreamt of you again.


Locomente said...

Yesterday, I had a dream too...
Good one!

Sarah malik said...

hey pri! how r you? I just love what ever you write. I guess i have told this to you before also. you have a way with words. perhaps a little dark but too good nevertheless :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Strange love.
Dreams pull out weird things and incidents, morph them into complex realities and sometimes, just sometimes show us what we fear, or our deep rooted desire. Who could tell for sure, perhaps you, doc?

A lovely read!

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...

“When did we ever part? We were pretending we did. ”....... that's a good one.
Miss your wonderful reads - stay blessed always!

Pri said...

@ Locomente
Do you remember your dream? Remember it so clearly that it made you wonder for a second, whether it actually happened for real?? :)

Pri said...

@ Sarah
I'm good. How's you, dear?
Thanks for the lovely comments you keep posting. I look forward to them now :)

Pri said...

@ BA nailed it once again, I guess.
Have you ever considered psychology as a career option? You'd have rocked at it :)

Pri said...

@ Anonymous
You miss something only when it ceases to exist. I still write around here. Perhaps you stopped reading :)

Thanks for the good wishes. Bless you too!

Anonymous said...

That's not true in it's entirety :)
I've been popping up over here from time to time but didn't get the regular glimpse of those great thoughts and creative scribbles. I'm sure it's been missed by not only me but many others as well. All the best!

Pri said...

Those are kind words. Thank you! :)

Midnight scribbles said...

ooh this one was nicely written too! I'm glad i stumbled across it.
Dreams are my source of fancy too :)

Pri said...

@ Midnight Scribbles
Dreams sometimes serve as bridges between reality and neverland. The trick is in not allowing them to get the better of you.
Welcome to my space. I am glad you liked it here :)