March 26, 2014

Life in teacups...

Two cups of chai in front of you.
One, you drink. The other stays untouched.

"It still belongs to you." I hear you murmur as you push the tea cup towards me.

The waiter tells me it has always been this way. Two cups of chai you'd pay for, every time you stopped at what once used to be a regular haunt. Two cups of chai you'd now sit alone and nurse. Two cups of chai...since the day we left in opposite directions.

I laugh at the irony. But I still don't have the heart to explain.
I have always been a coffee person! :)


Midnight scribbles said...

*grins* It's funny how sometimes people don't know the smallest of things.

Red Handed said...

Good one. Sometimes we change our tastes for someone we love...This was so good!

Pri said...

@ Midnight Scribbles
Touche! :)

Pri said...

@ Red Handed
...or perhaps, simple things that are taken for granted might not always be true :)

Psst!!! The above was an altogether different line of thought. But I like the way you think ;)

Anonymous said...

Simplistically written but quite mind tingling and touching :)

Pri said...

@ Anon
Thanks :)
The inspiration behind this piece was drawn from an old man sitting alone in a coffee shop, gazing wistfully at two coffee filled mugs on the table in front of him...

Anonymous said...

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