January 07, 2016


I thought of 'us' again today,
of how we once used to be
inseparable, you and me

The walk from home to school and back,
the blue water bottle and the red bag pack,
Orange-cream biscuits and hopscotch fun,
those endless tiffs over who'd lost, who'd won

Keepsakes of innocence that couldn't last,
like solemn sentinels guard my past
And see to it that I never forget,
the course of silence and regret.
I told you not, I thought you'd see,
how much you always meant to me

Soon with time, we both withdrew
The friendship bands our age outgrew,
Stealing glances and holding hands
replaced the charm of those plastic bands.
Dance class with our moves so groovy
The ticket stubs to every movie
Those picnic baskets (now threadbare)
Wrappers of toffees and candy we'd share

Time ticked on, we both stayed friends,
You knew you'd lose me to the odds and ends,
But you told me not, you thought I'd say,
We waited until our parting day

Yet, in silence we bid farewell,
Neither you nor I did tell.
My eyes teared, my soul cried,
I refused to let go of my foolish pride,
You reminded me of our friendship band
and then quietly slipped something in my hand.
You stood smiling through the pain;
a half locket on a silver chain.
The 'broken heart' told me that day,
what you until then had dared not say
I stood tongue-tied, you couldn't see
how much you'd always meant to me

With half the heart each in stride,
I still wear mine around with pride.
In memory of moments left behind,
Like all these keepsakes in my mind

Piecemeal, fragmented, yet strong and free
Reminders of who we used to be
Of you and me, and what it means now,
To be apart and still meet somehow
in thoughts, in words, in poetry we make,
in mind, in heart, in each keepsake

I thought of 'us' again today
Of how much has changed so to say
And yet could not have changed enough
for the world to catch our bluff
Or drive us both to make amends,
and go back to just being friends


Maniparna said...

True that.... keepsakes always remind us of incidents..sweet or sad they might be... :-)

Unknown said...

beautiful lines... :-)

Nez said...

The poem is very beautiful!! I loved it.

Raj said...

Nostalgic, moving and beautiful. :) Lovely poem!

Pri said...

@ Mani
I couldn't agree more :)

Pri said...

@ Archana
Thanks dear :)

Pri said...

@ Nez
Thank you :)

Pri said...

@ Raj
Thank you :)