January 07, 2016

That horrible homesickness

Those of you living out of a suitcase will be able to identify with this feeling--this hollow void that develops from staying in unfamiliar territory for far too long. You crave to return to the place where you belong, the nostalgia beckons you repeatedly until you eventually submit to the abyss engulfing you from within...that bottomless pit.
That 'homesick' feeling you thought you'd never experience now becomes the main emotion ruling your mind and heart.

You always considered yourself a globetrotter, bitten by the travel bug, a victim of wanderlust. But life never ceases to amaze. The monotony that you thought you wanted to break free from now tempts your every bone to take the path back home. You start missing the comfort, the warmth, the ease at which you could be yourself, the non judgmental attitude,. Each and every fiber of your body aches for the much needed zest and enthusiasm that can only be found among those who really love you.

"Castles or palace though we may roam. Be it ever so humble there's no place like home."

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