October 27, 2016

T for 'Travel-trums'

New places free you of obligations. You don't feel constrained by the exigencies of circumstances...people...work...life. The loss of familiarity is comforting in more ways than one.

That's the best part about wanderlust; it disconnects you from the life you have been leading...the regularities, the monotonies, the humdrum of your otherwise frenzied existence. Living amidst strangers, traveling amongst people you have never seen or met before provides a strange solace that there is so much more to this world than your banal problems, milk-and-water issues that you have been fretting over. It widens the scope of possibilities. It broadens your vision. It triggers off a pluralistic view on the slideshow playing before you, the slideshow called life.

However, like every vacation, this one ends too, and you have to pack your bags and leave for familiar territory once again. You don't wish to say goodbye. But you know you have to...before this place becomes familiar as well. You need to carry memories of the 'here and now' in your heart and leave before they change into putrid chunks of the defunct existence that you were running away from in the first place. So that somewhere in the deepest recesses of your mind, there is this place that you can time travel to every now and then, a dream stay-cation that allows you to slip into a skin that is not your own.  A secret Narnia--an adventure destination where you don't belong, and yet in a strange sort of way, belongs only to you...when home seems too hard to handle.

T for 'Travel-trums'  is the twentieth post in the 'A-Z Series' of posts, a chain of scribbles by me on topics starting with each alphabet of the English language. Read back and forth for the other posts, and please feel free to contribute your thoughts on the subject.

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