November 01, 2016


We are both drifters, you and me
Amongst a million other things
Our affection in constant motion
On tender gossamer wings

We lean and float in trust and hope
And live on love and dreams
But come morning, we may realise
Life is nothing what it seems.

For we are both drifters, you and me
We will drift apart some day,
And the finders and the keepers
Will have only this to say;
"We were so sure it'd happen,
They were drifters from the start
Theirs was but a 'butterfly-love'
And it had to fall apart!"

But they do not know, the silly fools,
Short lived though it might be
We drifters live in thoughts and words
And each other's memory.

We may fleet in and out of love
Together or apart,
But will always live where it matters most
In spirit and in heart!

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