November 10, 2016

When the bubble bursts...

It is amusingly heart-breaking when you realise how something you considered unique is so very common. Be it a new dress that you purchased at the newest shopping outlet, or a talent that you thought only you possessed, or the fine nuances of a relationship that you once prided in. Not even the questions and doubts that arise in your mind are exclusive; someone has surely felt them before.
Every thought, idea, emotion, gesture going on in your mind and life has run its complete course before, traveled similar journeys through the minds and lives of others before you embraced it as your own.
So next time you feel special about something, stop!
Life has nothing to feel privileged about. It's all a temporary state of mind. Our joys are common. So are our perils. Our happiness, pain, struggle, love, grief is all so common that in the grand scheme of things, it won't even matter. We'd then realise how our journeys had been almost clones of each other, our paths so familiar, our choices so similar. We'd laugh then (with the conviction we now lack) at how foolish we were to assume we were the only one experiencing something almost everyone else was.

Yes, I believe what we need is an after-life...because life is way too mainstream!


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