July 14, 2018

The looking glass

If mirrors could talk, I'd demand to know
Why it stays mum when I wear my make up too loud
My lipstick too red, my kohl too dark
Why doesn’t it tell me that I am still beautiful
Without that layer of white-wash on my face
That appearances do not define me, it is what
Lies inside me that does, why doesn’t it tell me
I do not need to prove myself to the world
That there is a whole universe inside me
Waiting to be discovered, why doesn’t it tell me
I needn't be ashamed of the scars on my face
That the blotches, spots and acne in this case
Are temporary but the blow to my self esteem may be not
That the 18 hour lip color is easier to wipe away
Than the tears springing from my eyes
While I am worried even then about
The mascara ruining my plastic-doll lies
If mirrors could talk, I'd demand to know
Why it fears so much to show
A reflection of me that truly matters!

~ Priyanka Naik aka Pri
(Originally written and published at Story Mirror)

1 comment:

Mansi said...

A very touchy and lovely poem. With layers and layers of mask, sometimes we loose ourself