July 28, 2018

Are you a bookworm too?

The 'Bookworm Bingo' tag has been doing the rounds on Instagram, and so I decided to bring it onto the Blogosphere as well. 
Below is the original tag and my pictorial edited version. I have also included a customized description of my choices, because for someone who loves words, I just could't restrict myself to ticks and crosses. 

The original tag

My choices --- guilty and proud!

#1 - Cancelled plans to read a book - Guilty. On several occasions actually. Honestly I find a good book to be better company than most people.
I have cancelled plans to finish (reading) a book and have cancelled plans to finish (writing) a book. Sigh! I guess most would just call me a ‘plan canceller’ .
So, guilty...guilty...terribly guilty!

#2 - Can name a book that changed your life - Guilty.
I can name a few that did. But if I had to stick to one, it would have to be ‘Noddy and his new car’. That was the first book my parents introduced me too (at least the first one I can remember). I remember being so fascinated by it. That book triggered off the spark of reading in me. After that, there was no looking back!
So yes, while most would quote Ulysses or some such epic, I’d say it was ‘Noddy’ that changed my life by introducing me to the wonder of books.

#3- On a first name basis with the librarian - Not Guilty! 
Not my fault actually, small towns like Goa have frequently changing librarians. They never really stayed long enough to know them on a first name basis. Also I must confess it’s tough to see beyond books when you are at the library.

#4 - There's always a book in your bag - Not Guilty!
I find the concept of carrying an entire library along more fascinating. So usually have my iPad in my bag during holidays and staycations. Or the reading app on my phone for normal days.

#5 - Read until the sun came up - Guilty, Guilty, Guilty! 
Almost every second day for this one.
I normally prefer reading in the night. And now with reading devices having their own inbuilt light, it gets even better.

#6 - Wept over a tragic plot twist - Guilty! 
‘My sisters keeper’ by Jodi Picoult, 'Love story' by Erich Segal, 'The boy in the striped pajamas' by John Boyne (just to name a few). Yeah, yeah! I know. I am a book-keeper and a book-weeper. *facepalm*\

#7 - Posted a book review online - Guilty!
A lot many times...
Writing, reading, and discussing books make me happy!

#8 - Owned an item of lit-inspired clothing - Guilty
I once owned a T-shirt with 'REDRUM' written on the front and the back of it. Until one day, I accidentally spilled some ketchup on it and it had to be discarded.
Honestly, I had a good mind to leave it unwashed and leave it lying around---to ward off unwanted visitors.

#9 - Spent way more on books than planned - Guilty
This used to happen all the bloody time, until e-shopping (for books) came along to keep my book budget in check.
Yet, even now when I enter a book store, it's like the whole Mamma Mia song running in my head....

#10 - Joined a book club - Guilty
I've been an ardent fan and regular member of 'Between the lines', a monthly book club with an eclectic set of members in Panjim's Fontainhas, and although the club did not hold up as long I'd wished or expected (that is forever), it was still great as long as it lasted.
Currently, I am a member of several equally interesting online book clubs.
After all, online or offline, as long as there are books and bibliophiles, little else matters...

#11 -Wish list consists mainly of book titles - Guilty
I include as many new books as possible....because who doesn't love the self-fulfilling feeling that comes with ticking off things in your wish list?

#12 - Utilised randoom items as an emergency bookmark - Guilty
I have used things as random as ballpoint-pen caps, ticket stubs, boarding passes, candy wrappers, dried leaves, and chopsticks (Yeah, beat that?). Desperate times call for desperate bookmarks!

#13 - Maxed out your library card - Guilty
I'd always max out my library card back in the good old school and college days. I don't visit the library as often now. Technology and age has changed that!

#14 - Guilty of book-sniffing - Guilty
Irresistible...but only if the book is brand new or ancient!

#15 - Owned a signed copy - Guilty 
I usually tend to shy away from teeming crowds that crash upon the author's space (or so I tend to feel) for a signed copy. But there have been those rare occasions wherein I've waited for a ghost of a smile from a Jeet Thayil or Ruskin Bond or Geetha Hariharan in my direction, and jumped for the kill  autograph.

#16 - Tried to write a book - Guilty
Tried, succeeded and plan to try again!

#17 - Reccomend books frequently - Guilty
I think that is a default feature of every bibliophile. I recommend only when asked though, but once I start, there is no guarantee I'll stop.

#18 - Secretly judged someone's literary tastes - Guilty
Err...I won't name the authors. Some of them are...err..in my friend list.

#19 - Followed authors on social media - Guilty
Sure. Some because I really like their writing. And some because, they follow me! *facepalm*

#20 - Read in an odd location - Guilty 
I've done it for a couple of family functions I was obliged to attend.
When would smart phone reading-apps come in handy otherwise? *grins*

#21 - Have a nook in a bookstore you consider 'yours'- Not guilty 
Duh! I have a reading nook in my home that I consider mine...

#22 - Pre-ordered an upcoming book - Guilty 
Currently pre-ordered 'Sea prayer' by Khaled Hosseini.

#23 - Fell in love with a character - Guilty
Heathcliff (don't ask), Atticus Finch, Hassan (the kite runner), Will Turner.

#24 - "The book was better" - Guilty 
No movie adaptation till date has been able to match the picture painted (in our mind) by the printed word.

With that, we come to the end of the 'Bookworm Bingo' tag. If you are a bibliophile, feel free to take it up...
And do leave a comment so that I come over to read you.

Cheers! :)

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